25 Books in 2015


Reading books can be a consumerist game and I CAN BE queen of that. I LOVE to read books BUT if it doesn’t change any behavior, I may enjoy the process, but I don’t reap the incredible benefits from each book!

I have tried a few different ways to remember what I learned. I used to print out highlighted notes. In light of my search for margin, all the notes I highlighted were too cumbersome and hard to truly implement or remember what I learned. Now, I have one notebook for all the books I’m reading and start a new section for each book. Because I like to read more than one at a time, I leave a lot of space and go back and add a book if I left enough space between two books notes. Does that make sense? I may highlight notes in my book and actually write a few of these quotes down with the thoughts that they inspire. I take a lot less notes, but they are more quality. And my notebook is like my little golden goose of what I’m learning! 

Today I wanted to share my list to read in 2015. I will start by saying, I can’t really get into fiction reading. I love reading, but less as a hobby and more as part of growth. So you won’t see a single fiction on my list. And 25 is ALOT. I honestly had planned to read 20 but had some trouble cutting down the last 7, so 25 it is! Also, so many of these are half-finished books, I am cheating a little! 🙂

I have them divided up into categories of areas I like to learn. The ones with a line through I have already read this year. The ones with an asterisk, I have already started or need to finish from last year.

1. Love Skip Jump
2. Prayer : Experiencing Intimacy and Awe with God
3. Go Small
4. Crash the Chatterbox
5. 7
6. Women of the Word
7. The Best Yes

8. Grace-Based Parenting
9. Shepherding a Child’s Heart
10. Don’t Make Me Count to Three
11. Bringing up Bebe *

12. Bread & Wine *
13. Prayers of the New Bride *
14. ?? (Any suggestions on a great book on community or friendship?)

15. Tribes *
16. Clout *
17. Profit First
18. Manage Your Day-to-Day

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19. Make it Happen
20. 31 Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and the Doer
21. Making Habits, Breaking Habits

22. The Fringe Hours
23. The Daniel Plan *
24. Skin Cleanse
25. Eat Move Sleep

What is on your list to read in 2015?

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