On my own, I’m one person with a modest income. Giving is something I love to do, but being able to multiply that giving through VMP with YOUR help has been mind-blowing to be a part of and one of my favorite parts of owning a business.

When you support our shop 10% of sales goes to charitable giving. We have this broken down in two ways and I’ll share why in a second.

1. Each month $.50 for every journal sold goes to our monthly Boaz Recipient. Every month, we choose a different charity to donate to. Some specific needs I am passionate about are children and adoption, entrepreneurs, health and marriages, but if God tugs me to an organization, that overrides anything! To see current and past recipients, click here.

2. In 2016, our family decided that for my business and my husband’s (he’s an entrepreneur too!). we would add to our traditional tithe (10% each of our incomes) and beginning tithing 10% from all of our sales too! This was a leap of faith and didn’t go how we had planned,but we have learned so much! This means about a $1 for every journal sold goes to a need that our family prays about and decides on together. This has been such a blessing to get to do as a family and teach Vivi about giving! In the past this has been donating to support kids in Haiti through our church, Little Warrior Nika and Louisiana Flood Relief.

To see current and past recipients, click here.

Thank you again!! We could not do this without your support of our shop!!

If you are looking for a smaller contribution, like a journal for a giveaway, we have a separate form here. The Boaz fund is our main focus right now for giving but, we have a limited number of journals held for giveaways or fundraisers that fit our brand.