Redeeming the Afternoon Slump

A 9-day email series to help moms conquer the hardest part of the day

Before we refresh all of motherhood, let’s start with a small victory and redeem one of the most trying times of the day: afternoons. For me, the afternoon is the pivotal moment that determines which path I choose. Maybe your house is like mine. It’s the point where kids get bored, or wake up grumpy from naps. It’s when my patience is wearing thin and if I did want to throw my own tantrum, this is perfect stage for it. It’s that moment I make an important decision. Road 1 or road 2? Does this sound familiar?


The day wears on me and I make a slippery dissent into pity parties and grumbling. I toss my hands in the air want to crash on the couch and let our finest babysitter, Miss Netflix, take care of things for a while. Then a low energy Valerie muddles through a tense dinner and rushes through bedtime so I can enjoy time to myself.


I somehow redeem the afternoon and enjoy this ordinary but beautiful day. Dinner isn’t a 5 -star restaurant experience but it’s filled with giggles and stories. And bedtime? I stare at my kid’s face and marvel at getting to be their mom and maybe let the moments linger than normal. I leave their room with a grateful and tired, but I’m talking GOOD tired heart. The tired that reflects a day of putting my all into what the Lord has called me to.  

Momma, I may not be able to change the world, but I can help us change our afternoon and we can do it in 9 days. And the impact? It’s bigger than I ever imagined.

Over the next 9 days, I want to challenge us to redeem our afternoons and let them transform our homes. 

I’ll send over a quick but impactful tip (inspired by the fruits of the spirit) to make afternoons more intentional so we don’t slip into the thoughts that ruin our afternoon. 

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