Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday

Every mom needs an escape – not from motherhood, but the world’s definition of it


I am currently working on book two, tentatively called Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday. What it’s shaping up to be: a look at 20-ish stereotypes about moms and seeing what God’s definition looks like and how we can practically apply that to our daily lives.

When I was pregnant with Vivi, I was overwhelmed with the negativity I’d hear as we told people I was pregnant. Everyone emphasized the sleepless nights, no-makeup days, yoga pants, tantrums in target, and coffee and wine as a requirement.

God put on my heart to make it my goal to portray the joy in motherhood. A silly thought to have before I even knew what I was getting into.

Nevertheless, the last 4 years of motherhood have been full. Sure there are yoga pants and minivans and every stereotypical thing we think of when it comes to moms…but there is soooo much more. I think when we find this depth in motherhood, we no longer feel the need to hide in a closet (on most days) and can enjoy this journey a bit more!

My hope is to inspire mommas who are weary and looking for an escape to embrace the fullness of God’s definition of motherhood instead of the world’s which pales in comparison and sure makes me…well…grumpy.

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