Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday

Every mom needs an escape – not from motherhood, but the world’s definition of it


My next book Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday is releasing April 9, 2019!

If you are anything like me, you know there wasn’t a glitch in the system when God created motherhood, but you also know it’s gotta be better than you’re current definition of daily meltdowns (from momma, not toddler). In Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday, I want to dive into 20 common stereotypes about motherhood, expose the lies I think Satan uses behind them to make us grumpy and uncover God’s counter-culture definition so that we can start living out a more invigorating motherhood. Pretty much like you just walked off a beach when really, you just unbarricaded yourself from your bathroom.

I can’t promise you’ll never want to escape life again, but I can promise to give you truths that I think will radically transform your day-to-day response to your kids and refresh your experience in motherhood.

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