Help us create The Legacy Collection

Friends!! Lately I have been obsessed with leaving a legacy of prayer for our family. It has inspired two new hardbound journals and I need your help to make them a reality!!


1. YOUR LIFE LIFTED – A legacy prayer journal for my child

A navy linen covered book bound journal to keep prayers for your kids.

The format: Prompts in theย beginning of the book with lined pages with space to include a topic at the top of the page. The page divided in half so you can write the prayer on the top half and over time write how God answers it with the second half. Each page would be a different topic that you could use as a guide during prayer time. My hope would be that these would eventually pass be filled and passed on to your kids on their graduation day, wedding day or the day they become a parent!

2. PRAYER MEMOIRS – Your life story through prayer

A bigger version of our Fresh Courage that will last a lifetime. I really want these to be heirloom pieces that you can share with your kids and grandkids. This would be a leather-type material.



I shared on insta-stories Friday some of the business side about how to get the journals made. Basically, it costs a lot up front and the deadline is a lot sooner than we expected. We roughly need the cost of a new Honda in two weeks and have half of that already saved. We have always made purchases from our cashflow and won’t go into debt to order them so my prayer has been that to make this happen, we will sell enough journals that are currently available in the next two weeks that we normally sell in a month. We are not pre-ordering these officially until August when we have photos to share of the final product.

Can you help us do that? Can you share about Val Marie Paper to help us reach this God-sized sales goal? Every time y’all share, your followers come out in droves to order so we know there is so much power in word of mouth! I’ve created a few graphics below that you can use on Instagram, Insta-stories and Facebook you can grab and share. I am so humbled to share this, but grateful to get to do this with y’all! You’re support means the world to me!