Margin in Christmas: Doing

Confession. The last two years, a day or two after Christmas, my husband and I have gotten in a fight because I’m burnt out from a week straight of nightly events. I’m an introvert and gatherings drain me instead of energize me. And honestly, the fact that Christmas can be weeks long on nightly celebrations can take a toll on even the biggest extrovert.

Every year we all talk about the busyness of Christmas and how we are going to do things differently this year. And then, it sneaks up on us and kinda just clobbers us. Ok NEXT year will be different! 🙂 Well friend. Here we are. The next year. And y’all know me. I’m all about two things. Prayer and action. I believe this combo is what produces change in our life so it is my solemn vow to you that this year will be different!! But it’s gonna take some intentionality.

So for today, as we think about how to have margin in doing, it’s pretty simple.

Do less.

Alright, simple in theory! Actually making it happen is where the wheels fall off.

Here are some tips to actually and truly do less this holiday season.

1. Know and define your limits.

Is 3 nights in a row too much? Is past 8 o’clock a nightmare with a baby in tow? Is two events with a babysitter just the right fit for the budget? Figure it out. Think of previous years and what made them so frustrating. Most importantly, you have to stick to the limits. I don’t want you to regret anything once the holidays end.

2. Plan a family mission statement for the holidays.

What’s your goal? Is it to spend more time with your kids and slow down? Is it to enjoy watching them experience the wonder of the season? Is it to spend time with extended family that you don’t normally see? Do you love the parties and festivities that you normally have to sacrifice the rest of the year? There is no right answer for everyone so decide as a family what’s important to you.

3. Plan a holiday hierarchy.

This is not quite so dictator-y as it sounds but I think planning out what is non-negotiable, what’s a maybe and what is a no ahead of time will at least relieve the burden of having to make decisions as each invitation or obligation crosses your path. This goes right in line with number#2 but the boundaries are a little more clear to help you make decisions. Grab our festive worksheet to plan your holiday hierarchy! (Get access below!) Agree on it as a family and post it somewhere y’all can easily reference and use to plan your calendar.

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