A message from Val

Hey guys! I just want to say a quick thank you for letting me pop into your inbox. We really appreciate it. I know we’ve been sending more emails than usual and sharing a lot about what’s going on this month, but it’s because this is the pinnacle of what we have to offer you. If you haven’t seen it yet you’ve probably been enjoying lots of time off of social media, 😉 but our Yearly Prayer Journal is on pre-order right now and our sale ends today!!

Right now, these are $40 instead of $47. New this year, we’re offering our online prayer course (reg price $125) plus our Yearly Prayer Journal for $99 through today. So, for less than the regular price of the prayer course, you get both!! We’ll continue to offer the bundle option after today, but the price will go up to $125 total. If you know that you’re thinking about the course or journal, know that TODAY is the best day to buy.

If you have any questions, please let us know! Email us at info@valmariepaper.com–we’re happy to answer. We’re not just going to tell you to buy a journal because we want you to. We want more than anything for you to use it. So, if you don’t think that you’ll use it or have questions, we’ll hopefully just help you feel confident in whatever decision you make–whether you should buy it or not.

I can’t stress enough that we get so many people that come back a few days after the launch or in October and November and wish they had purchased during the launch. They still grab their journal, but make sure to come back to us the next year during this sale to get their next one–because who doesn’t love a good sale?!

Are you ready to pre-order now? Just hit the button below.