I hate newsletters too!

...except the really good ones Of course! 😉

If you love our products, blog and Instagram content, you'll love our PEPTALK EMAILS EACH MONTH!

There are so many things we know will change our life if could we'd just remember them, but that's the hard part isn't it? Remembering it all? Val had her life coach email her periodically with words from her own mouth that she wanted to remember and it made a huge difference! Val wanted to do the same for you!! So each month, we will send a quick but powerful email  designed to set you up for a great month! 


  1. An energizing chat with Val.
  2. Journal offers, like limited edition colors.
  3. Monthly coupon code for a different product!
  4. Our free monthly journal insert.
We promise not to junk up your inbox with tons of emails: only well-crafted peptalks each month! Periodically, we might send other emails to keep you updated during our busier seasons, but this is not the norm.