Vivi’s Baby Shower

What a day!! What an honor it was to get to be surrounded by friends and family for such a special occasion to our little family. I seriously question why exactly pregnant women are allowed to have such an event like this with the raging hormones. I couldn’t get out of my car for 10 minutes when I got there already overwhelmed by love. (Hint the red face and watery eyes in EVERY picture of me.)

My sweet hostesses planned the most perfect shower ever. And that’s a fact! ; ) And just in case you were wondering, this former planner had NO PART IN IT! There were so many sweet details from the moment I walked in. I am so thankful Catherine Guidry was there to capture it all!

First up, our guests were invited with the sweetest invitation designed by my talented friend Jenny Gilbert. I loved how they included the duck and also called Vivi Mae, sweet girl. Part of my daily prayer for her is that she will have a sweet spirit.


Guests were greeted with a paint by numbers guestbook where they colored one triangle and wrote a sweet message on another sheet with triangles. Natalie framed it for over Vivi’s crib with the messages on the backside.


They were then invited to share their prayers for Vivi! Tyler and I had so much fun reading over these after the shower!


Rifle Paper Co. was incorporated, which I absolutely LOVED!!


And this sweet momma and baby duck! Natalie was so thoughtful. A lot of the decor were items she planned to give me after to incorporate in our home. These little ducks are sitting on top of Vivi’s bookshelf now.


Mia, from Root Floral Design, created some BEAUTIFUL arrangements!!


My friend Heather, who owns Social Bites, came all the way from Ruston to be a part of the shower!


How cute are these desserts!! The cake was my favorite!!



Cat captured a photo of everyone! I am so glad to have this picture!


Oh the presents y’all! What an overwhelming experience of generosity! I couldn’t help but feel incredibly blessed by all these people and undeserving of it all.

Vivi will already has two second cousins I can’t wait for her to meet: Tobin and Cecilia!


The tearfest continued. My sister gave me a card that was basically Vivi speaking to me. She gave me the cutest necklace with an XO. The card attached said “Here’s a hug and a kiss to take with you wherever you go. I love you mom!” This gift could not have been more perfect! I have jokingly told Tyler that I wished I was more flexible so I could kiss my belly because I wanted to smother her in hugs and kisses already.



Now as much as Natalie’s goal was to make me cry the whole day, mine was to surprise her with a few tears as well! Mission accomplished! : ) From the time we told Natalie we were going to have a baby (about an hour after we found out), she has constantly reminded me that she has first dibs on all babysitting jobs, which she insists will start by day three of Vivi’s life. I thought I’d share with everyone what things I hope she taught our sweet girl, calling them pearls of wisdom and presenting her with a pearl ring to always remind her!



Tearfest continues folks. Natalie had Tyler write a note beforehand that she read. I LOVED this! First of all, Tyler is so funny and sweet, and I feel like people who didn’t know him much before got to see that. Second, what a sweet way to included the papa in the shower festivities! Below is a part of that letter!


139-VIVI_MAE_SHOWER“First I’d like to say thank you. I can assume some of you had to go to Babies ‘R’ Us before coming here. I want you to know that I can’t think of a higher sign of loyalty in friendship than that so from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Those of you that graciously purchased something via Amazon’s “One click checkout” your friendship is still dear but it will never share the same bond that comes with such a trial as Babies ‘R’ Us. In all seriousness, we both really do appreciate all the prayers, excitement and gifts that you have “showered” over us. We are truly blessed to have such an amazingly generous family and friends. …

“Aunt Nan” thought it would be good to get my perspective on a few things saying quote ‘it would be nice for you to have a small role in this process at some point.’ I assume she was only referring to the shower and not parenthood as a whole. So, this afternoon, I’ll be sharing 10 things I have learned during pregnancy and then 5 things I hope Vivi inherits from her mother.

Here are things I’ve learned during Val’s pregnancy:

  • I’ve learned that during the first trimester powdered parmesan cheese induces tears while shredded parmesan triggers happiness.
  • I’ve learned that May can also be spelled with an “ae”. Because it’s a cute typeset. Duh.
  • I’ve learned that not only do you eat for two but you sleep for two. (PS, this shower is interrupting Val’s nap time, so I apologize if she seems cranky).
  • I’ve learned that deli meat can give you listeria and caesar dressing is extremely poisonous, however banana flavored snowballs pretty much work like a prenatal vitamin.

Here are qualities I hope Vivi gets from Valerie:

Tenderness – Valerie swears she never cried much growing up and Mrs. Angel seems to vouch. But the Valerie I know can’t watch the end of Titanic and hasn’t stayed dry during one ultrasound. Don’t confuse this for weakness, or any lack of strength. Her tenderness keeps her aware that we live in a world that needs grace and mercy. Vivi will cry because she is a baby and I hear thats what they do, but when she grows up, I hope she cries due to the same compassion and open heart that you have.

Discernment – A fancy word for recognizing trouble and avoiding it. Other fathers react in fear with the news of having a girl. I have been a little fearful at times myself but my only hope has been in knowing I married a girl that maintained her purity and who avoided most of the trappings the world has to offer. Girls like this do exist. (Both my sister and sister-in-law serve as good reminders too). As Vivi grows up, I hope she chases things that righteous the same way you do.

I can assume by now Valerie shed a few years. She probably started choking up as soon as you pulled this out and said it was from me. My mother probably has too, but the holy grail is Mrs. Angel. So if I’ve pulled that off then you can go ahead and take a bow on my behalf.

Before leaving, guests were given these magnets with prayers requests for Vivi and Tyler and I. Just knowing there are people praying for our sweet girl before she is even born is so special to us!


Such a special day, y’all!


Tiffany, Brandi, Heather, Mia, Cat, Jenny, Natalie, Mattie and Hannah, thank y’all so much! I am forever grateful!


I made little spa jars for the hostesses with a note that said “Thanks for making my shower so special. Here’s to making your’s special too!”


Two other ladies that deserve quite a bit of credit for us being here, our moms! Can’t wait to make them grandmas!! : )


We are less than 8 weeks away from meeting Vivi! The bump has grown a bit and mom and dad are ALMOST ready to meet our little lady!



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