International Shipping!

We have been racking our brains to figure out the best option to get journals into the hands of our international shoppers and we finally have it!!

4 times a year we will have an official international ship day!

  • February 15
  • May 15
  • August 15 (during yearly preorders)
  • September 11 (after our full 2019 collection launches)
  • November 15

You will have the chance to order directly from the website and choose between two shipping options.

Please read all info below before ordering. There is a lot of miscommunication when it comes to international shipping so we feel this is the best way to be able to get all the info to you so we can offer the best experience possible with VMP!


Priority (VMP guarantee option) – This is our more expensive option but it guarantees your product will arrive. If there is a mixup and the item is lost in shipping or takes longer than 4 weeks (6 weeks during the holidays), we will resend your item. This is also the quickest shipping option. This is basically our option that includes “support” from the VMP team.

First Class (ship at your own risk option) – This is our cheaper option and, we will admit, very risky, but if price is a factor, you can choose this option. We cannot track these packages well and they do take a longer time. This does not include VMP “support” so if it gets lost, we cannot replace or try to track down with the Post Office.


We are able to ship 1-3 of our smaller softcover journals first class. Everything else is actually cheaper to ship Priority.

We are able to fit 4-12 softcover journals in a priority flat rate envelopes. This means you will pay the same for shipping for 4 or 12 journals. If the shipping cost is too high for just 4 journals, see if you have any friends who would like to go in on the order to split the shipping cost up.


We will only have shipping options available for the countries that request to order through the form below since we add each country by hand. Sign up to request your country and get a notification when we have an international shipping day!!