How we’ll be doing shipping in 2020

You might feel some changes coming to Val Marie Paper over the next few weeks as you place orders!

In September we moved all our shipping to a fulfillment company. After shipping 6,000 Yearly Prayer Journals (on top of regular orders from the shop) from Ashley’s living room last year, we knew we needed a solution before this most recent batch of yearlys. In all honesty, we could have looked for solutions like office space locally, but I was excited about the option of a fulfillment company knowing it would mean we could save ourselves some growing pains if business continued to grow. In the past two years, we saw our business almost double. And to be honest, that trajectory made me feel like we needed to get all our ducks in a row early.

Having a fulfillment company take over during our busy season this year was a godsend. We didn’t need to figure out where to house 14 pallets of journals with Ashley caring for a newborn.

But…we’re now taking fulfillment back. 

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A new (old) take on resolutions

I was listening to a book called Stretch by Scott Sonenshein. In it, he said the origin of resolutions came from the Babylonians as a time of returning what belonged to others. I was intrigued by this and read up a little more on it. Here’s what I found from The Economist:  A 12-day festival to celebrate the renewal of life, known as Akitu, marked the beginning of the agrarian year. During Akitu people keen to curry favour with the

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How to wake up early for time with the Lord

I think for most believers, a nice quiet time with the Lord before everyone wakes up sounds really good in theory. But it can feel like there are a million obstacles in our way to actually wake up and make it happen. Today, I wanted to share some tips from my own life that help me wake up for a little time with the Lord in the morning. I’m by no means perfect and I do go through stretches where

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30 Books in 2020

Ok, friends!! Here it is! A list of 30 books to read in 2020! You’ve likely heard me say it, but researching which books to read and adding them to my list is a close second to actually reading.  I’ve heard from so many of you how much you look forward to this list so I intentionally try to include things that may not yet be on your radar. All that to say, I’ve got an infinity of books I

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My Word for 2020: Make Room

I have loved picking a word for each year since I first heard about it more than 10 years ago. A group of friends and me would text on New Year’s Eve what our words were. I remember “momentum” being one I chose as I was trying to launch my wedding planning company. In the early days, they were words that revolved around MY goals for the year and what I hoped to do. Over the last few years, I’ve

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