Advent Prayers

We have the best of intentions when the season starts that this will be the year we truly soak up what this season means and mark my words, THIS IS THE SEASON. 

Even in a vibrant and full season, what if you had the chance to pause for two minutes and recenter your focus on what’s to come Christmas Day? What if this was the year December didn’t fly? Or what if this was the Christmas Eve service you didn’t plop down and feel like you were saying “Oh hey Jesus! Where have you been?” Just me?? 

Last year, I shared 12 prayers for the 12 days leading up to Christmas that you can grab again this season to fuel you with more expectation and awareness of seeing Christ. When you sign up below, you’ll get a PDF with a short prayer for each day beginning December 14.

This is not an Advent study for those quiet mornings nestled beside the fire. Instead, this is a small way to catch our attention even when we’re in the middle of a gift wrapping spree. You don’t have to pause life to enjoy the season. Put this up on the fridge or by your desk and be met with the sweetest redirecting of your soul to the heart of this season so that when you find your seat during Christmas Eve service, you can experience the joy of knowing the tinsel wasn’t so bright and shiny that you missed the manger in the background. You soaked up every drop of what God had for you.

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