What to pray for your kids

So, the other day we talked about those unique moments when it’s not time to pray for your kids but CLEARLY we should be praying for our kids a whole lot! I have found such comfort and surrender with my kids as I’ve prayed for them over the years.

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We’ve prayed about their names.

We’ve prayed about their deliveries.

We’ve prayed about their safety.

We’ve prayed about sleep.  

We’ve prayed about their food palates.

We’ve prayed about salvation.

We’ve prayed about gratitude.

We’ve prayed about courage.

And if all those prayers have taught me anything, it’s that God hears and cares. No, not every prayer has been answered how I’d hoped but it’s given me more opportunities than I can count as I see God’s hand at work.

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What to pray as you parent

Yesterday, we talked about our role in our kids’ lives and how although prayer is one of the most important things we can do for our kids, it cannot happen in a vacuum. There are times we need to be praying for the Lord to use us and change us to transform our kids. What happens in our own lives has an incredible impact on our little ones so I want to make sure to be intentional to cover my parenting

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When we don’t need to pray for our kids

Recently, I went to kiss Vivi goodnight and started praying for her. She’d been particularly disrespectful so I was laying hands on that child praying for Lord to reign down some goodness and transform her. But it was like I stopped dead in my tracks and just thought, “change my heart so that the shepherding that happens as a result of a changed momma will change her.” In that instant, I felt like the answer wasn’t some wam bam transformation,

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What is Process Pairing?

If you are reading this blog, I take it you have a love for learning. You love new book recommendations, new routines to try and new things to learn. This is soo me. And because of my love for knowledge and all things growth and goals, I can overwhelm myself and keep plowing through new content without letting it take root. This is actually the very reason I wrote my first book, The Finishing School. In this whole process of

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Why aren’t we changing?

It’s mid-year. This is when we start freaking out or getting bummed about those goals we planned way back in January (which feels like yesterday, no?). This is when we wonder what we have been doing with the last six months. If this isn’t you, if you’re halfway to your goals for the year, feel free to skip this post. This post is for those of us who might be feeling stuck. I get in these phases where I feel

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