Life-Giving Spotify Playlists

A few weeks ago I shared about the Spotify playlists that I created. I thought I’d share with y’all the heart behind it and then some graphics and a list of my songs so you can get inspired and make your own. I didn’t make them shareable except for two because lots of them are specific to our home, the movies the girls love, the bands we love and even our first dance and songs that played at our wedding that I know won’t pep you up the same way it does for us!

So first, the heart behind it. I talk about this a bunch in Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday, just this idea that we have to fight for joy. As tantrums happen and even just the mundaneness of the everyday routines of breakfast, clean up, and bath time can discourage us. I wanted to have some go-to lists to pep us up and add a little life back to our weary bones, mine and Tyler’s and the girls. Just last night I cranked up the Pick Me Up playlist after we got the

It’s amazing how much this helps to set the tone in our home.

I wanted to have some go-to Spotify playlists to pep us up and add a little life back to our weary bones.

Here are the playlists I created:

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April Goals

I am excited to be back! I’m actually still writing an ancillary journal that will come out the same time as Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday but I couldn’t stay away too long! I refreshed my goals a bit and shared about them here. Here are my monthly goals for April! APRIL GOALS 1. Ask God daily questions and make space to listen. 2. Complete PT & at home exercises. 3. Enjoy pool time and zoo trips. 4. Update closets

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Our Spring at the Silos Experience

I don’t think we had any idea exactly what awaited us at Spring at the Silos! We had each put our whole hearts into designing new products, creating our booth, and simply getting to Waco! And yes, we prayed. We prayed over our booth, and the people we would come in contact with, and even just for the physical strength our bodies would need to make it through the weekend. We were expectant that God was going to do something great,

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A writing hiatus so I can … write ;)

Hey friends!! In case you haven’t heard, I am writing a book on motherhood that will be released Spring of 2019 with Tyndale! My deadline for the first draft is April 2 so I’ll be devoting the majority of words to that! I’ve got tons of new content to come, but until then, here are a few of my favorite recent posts!!

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February Goals

Yay for one month down in 2018! Lots happened but I’ll be honest. More happened internally as I’ve started working with my life coach, Diana! I’m writing a ton about it and hoping to share more soon! Until then, here’s some progress on January and goals for February! JANUARY GOALS RECAP 1. Finish reading Soul Keeping. DONE. Definitely a favorite. 2. Make a habit of consistent daily redundant. YES!! I was a little surprised how easy this was but I

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