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Meet the Team

The Founder

Valerie Woerner

Hey y’all! Shocker. I love to pray. Stop me in the store and tell me what’s going on and I will most definitely say yes if you ask me to pray for you. I’m from Lafayette, Louisiana and like most Cajun girls that means I love spicy food, live down the street from family, love iced tea and my front porch. 😉 I raise two sweet girls, Vivi and Vana, with my multi-hyphenate husband Tyler. (current hyphens? Interim pastor, web guy and VBS DJ).  I am super passionate about making difficult things more approachable, love offering steps or bullet points to make it actionable and care deeply about design and aesthetic that gets you excited to use!

Mood Board

Valerie Woerner // Founder

  • Favorite Book

    I'm that girl who can't choose!

  • Favorite Genre

    Faith and practical how-to books

  • Favorite VMP Product

    Pray Confidently & Consistently

  • Prayer Hack

    Variety! I love to keep prayer infused throughout my day in different ways.


Alissia Howell

Val’s books have had a profound impact on my prayer life, prompting me to reflect on my relationship with the Lord. As an organized and efficient individual, I am honored to contribute to the team and assist in the mission to reach more women.

My husband, Bryant, and I love to exercise and tend to our garden during our free time. We are both passionate about serving our community and actively participate in various activities at our church. We reside in Mobile, AL with our furry companions, Roux (our goldendoodle) and Mochi (our cat).

  • Favorite Book

    Gone With the Wind

  • Favorite Genre

    Historical Fiction

  • Favorite VMP Product

    Rhythms Journal

  • Prayer Hack

    Leave your journal where you see it!

Chief Marketing Officer

Kristen Schryver

I’m a Southern California girl who moved to Dallas 6 years ago (though I still can’t get myself to say y’all). While I miss my family and the mild summers at the beach, the community of people I’ve formed here has made Dallas feel like home. You can usually find me baking, teaching at my local barre studio, making a weekly trip to the farmers’ market, and taking a daily prayer walk.
  • Favorite Book

    Bread & Wine

  • Favorite Genre


  • Favorite VMP Product

    Adagio Journal

  • Prayer Hack

    Prayer walks are a lifeline for me!

Shop Manager

Betsy Guidry

As a former small business owner with education in merchandising and accounting, I am passionate about customer service, products, innovation, and getting those packages filled with goodness to you quickly and efficiently!

I am originally from Missouri, but have resided in Louisiana for 15 years, and am currently enjoying cajun country life with my husband and 3 little ones. I enjoy serving at my church, reading, being outdoors, exercising, and a great cup of coffee.

  • Favorite Book

    The Nancy Drew Series

  • Favorite Genre


  • Favorite VMP Product

    Springboard Prayers

  • Prayer Hack

    Pray on the way to anywhere!

Papers on a desk
Over the Years

Val Marie Paper


After a discouraging start to her writing career at the local paper, Val starts her own company in 2008 – a wedding planning business, Southern Fete! After a few years of planning 50+ weddings, she decides to design wedding invitations using the design skills she learned laying out newspapers and magazines. In 2012, she decides to stop planning weddings and focus on designing invitations.

Nauseous & Distracted

In February 2013, Val officially sells Southern Fete and focuses in wedding invitations under a new brand, Val Marie Paper. She’s so nauseous she can barely function and does the bare minimum to keep her company running.

Coming Up Empty

Hoping to experience joy and peace instead of anxiety and dread during pregnancy, Val dreams up a journal format she thinks will help her focus her prayers. She searches for two months to see if it exists because she’s just trying to keep her lunch down and doesn’t have energy to design anything new. When she can’t find what she needs, she decides to create it!

Journals Debut!

A few weeks before Vivi is born, Val shares her new journals and takes pre-orders. Two weeks after having her first baby, Val starts shipping out the journals!

Men's and Kids' Prayer Journals Added.

Val expands her journal collection and creates journal options for men and kids!

The Finishing School Releases

Val’s first book, The Finishing School, releases. After gobbling up all the non-fiction and self-help books her donut-filled belly could handle, she decided it was time to put her knowledge to use and start actually living it out. The result is a refining process that draws her closer to God and leads to her first book release.

Yearly Prayer Journal Debut

The first yearly spiral journal is available for pre-order.

Spring at the Silos

VMP debuts journals at Magnolia’s Spring at the Silos! The team enjoys meeting journal users and praying with customers throughout the weekend.

Prayer Course Releases

Developing a Fluency Prayer launches to help people remove the barriers holding them back from an abundant prayer life.

Books for Moms

Val releases her book, Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday, and her devotional, Fresh Start for Moms.

Signature Journal Debut

The yearly journal is so popular that Val creates a 6-month spiral option, also known as the Signature Journal. It’s undated to people can start using it anytime and it has extra space for journaling to help cultivate deeper prayer time with the Lord.

Pray Confidently & Consistently

Val takes everything she wants to share about prayer and puts it together in her latest book to help people throw off the weights holding them back from a thriving prayer life. She also creates a leader guide so that people can gather to study the book and pray together!

VMP Celebrates 10 years!

2023 marks the 10-year anniversary of VMP! Val and her team reflect on God’s faithfulness over the last 10 years and look ahead to what God has in store for the next decade!

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