Hi! I’m Valerie Woerner! Eight years ago, I embraced the world of entrepreneurship and tried to pave my own way through wedding planning and designing wedding stationery. Then three years ago, the Lord used my own fears about pregnancy and passion for prayer to create a prayer journal. I hoped to sell a dozen or so but little did I know, God had something bigger in mind. Now, I spend my time designing journals that I pray will draw you closer to the Lord and love getting to share my heart on instagram and occasionally the blog.

I get to do life every day with my wonderful husband, Tyler. He’s is the owner of Pixelbrush Studios by day and a gourmet chef by night. I am momma to Vivi Mae and Vana are are the biggest rays of sunshine. My best friend was sort of built in but I wouldn’t trade for any other, my twin sister Natalie! Check out her shop and devotional for singles, Wholeheartedly. We live in Woerner Bungalow and are passionate about minimalistic living and finding margin in this busy-loving world. We live in Lafayette, Louisiana (also known as Cajun Country). If you like good food, folks that will treat you like family and great culture, you must come see us! 

I love my life and where God has taken me, but He is far from done with me. I don’t pretend to have it all figured out, but am happy to share my journey with you! The Finishing School is my journey and what I’d share with you if we were sitting in my living room chatting over Blue Bell ice cream. 

I am so grateful you stopped by! 


How I make things happen

I get asked often how I balance two girls, running a shop and writing a book or even just blog posts. I’ll be the first to say, I’m a mess. You can ask my sister. : ) I certainly don’t have it all together, but I’m happy to share what has helped me achieve a lot of my goals over the years. Click here for 8 principles that help me achieve my goals.