2019 Christmas Gift Guide

When there are so many possibilities to choose from, what makes our products stand out this time of year? We think it’s because, although they stun on Christmas morning, they remain meaningful for months and years to come!

Fun facts about Val Marie Paper

1. Many of our repeat customers got their first journal as a gift for Christmas and they love it so much, they start buying for all their people.
2. We literally have something for everyone on your list! The combo of sentimental, intentional and affordable makes these go-to gifts.
3. Because of #2, VMP sells ⅓ of its journals for the year during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As you start thinking about all the people on your own Christmas list, we wanted to share a guide that we hope will help make gift-giving fun again.

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Want to write a book?

I’m starting to get more questions about how to write a book, get a book deal, etc. so I thought it’d be helpful to share all that info in one place!! Here are the questions y’all asked in InstaStories. Do you need a book proposal? Even if you self-publish, this will be a tremendous help. I remember when my publisher asked for a proposal. I wasn’t sure what exactly they were but I AM sure I told her I could

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How to get rid of brain fog

Soon after Vana was born, I started a little practice of journaling my thoughts at night. Somehow, even with a newborn, I wasn’t stumbling through the season mindlessly as I had expected to. Maybe you’ve experienced the brain fog before or you’re overcome with it right now. Life seems to be zooming by but it feels impossible to slow down or impossible to find clarity. You can’t remember what you had for lunch or what you did the day before

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Our Silobration Experience

We decided that going back to Magnolia Market for Silobration was kind of like going to camp as a kid. After our amazing experience at Spring at the Silos in March, we were so excited to return to the beautiful grounds and sweet friends we met last time around. The warmth of the Magnolia staff (camp counselors anyone?) and old and new friends like Summer Ellis, Marry Me in Spring, Hadley Girl, May Designs, Always Rooney, Refine 31, Andrea Howey &

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How to become an Ambassador of Hope in your home

This message has been on my heart for a long time. We need to experience more hope. And unfortunately, what happens in our homes can suck us dry and leave us feeling exhausted and grumpy. I know there is a better way. I wrote a whole book on it (hi! Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday) that I can’t wait to share with you in April. I am a naturally melancholy person, so if life is neutral I’m going to lean

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