Anxiety Detox Experiment

Anxiety Detox Experiment by Valerie Woerner | Val Marie Paper, depression, mindfulness, mindset, prayer, women's ministry, Bible studyIf you’ve heard me share my story, you know two things about me: I’ve struggled with worry and I’ve struggled with negativity. 

God has used those struggles to teach me so much about my mind and how to CHOOSE the simplest of things to protect my thoughts. It’s written all over his Word: renew your mind (Romans 12:2), think on whatever is lovely (Phil 4:8), take your thoughts captive (2 Cor. 10:5). 

I’m learning how these biblical truths fit into my every day. That’s so much of our heart here at VMP, to help you know what the Bible says and what that practically means for our everyday. It should change us! God does have a bigger part in this. He’s the one who transforms us, but He also asks us to participate. This is how I’ve been participating in finding freedom from anxiety. 

I’ll start at the beginning.

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8 ways to spend time with God AND a newborn

Before kids, I had such sweet quiet times with the Lord. After having kids though…? I still have sweet times with the Lord. It looked a little different in seasons, but I actually soaked in the Word and prayed more during a time I expected these things to suffer. I had lots of worries during my pregnancy that kind of forced me to figure out how to continue to connect with the Lord. I knew I wouldn’t get through that

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How to start your morning with gratitude

“Gratitude is a discipline before it’s a feeling—a remembering before it’s a rejoicing. Indeed, gratitude is warfare—a bold protest and strong defense against discontent, pouting, and envy.” -Scotty Smith I used to think of gratitudes as just happy thoughts… I mean, what was the point? It wasn’t until I read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp that I learned that “happy” wasn’t a requirement for gratitude––that the practice can’t depend on our circumstances and when we are disciplined give thanks

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My favorite quiet time resources

I’ve been wanting to share for a while some resources that I like to incorporate into my quiet times. I’ll be the first to say you don’t NEED this stuff to have a meaningful relationship with the Lord but I’m grateful they’re available. The same way we don’t NEED a filet mignon to live but it sure is a treat when we get to enjoy one!  So below I’ve got some tools, books and other resources that have been helpful!

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The importance of writing out your prayers

When people think “prayer journal” their first thought is often lined pages for writing out your prayers, so it makes sense that they’re surprised when they find out the main part of our prayer journal involves very little writing at all. (Click here to learn a bit more about our format if you’re new to VMP!) However, we do believe there is value in actually writing out your prayers from time to time and we also have users who are

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