8 tips to living your best life

We joke about living our best life, but don’t we all really want to? It’s more than being able to afford that guacamole upcharge. It’s more than dancing like life’s a broadway musical. Living our best life is living out and embracing what God has gifted us. I talk about this a lot when I share about Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday, but as believers, Jesus’ death on the cross not only made the way for an eternity with God but a life on earth with Him too.

It doesn’t mean a perfect life or one untouched by hardships but it does mean living a full, abundant life that God made possible (John 10:10)!

Here are 8 tips for living your best life. I included a few questions with each to help you dig deeper!

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Calling all book club leaders!

As Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday launched, we got a lot of requests for an online book club. And while book clubs are totally our thing, something about it just didn’t sit right. You see, we knew that in order for the message of Grumpy Mom to really take effect, it needed to happen in real life community! So, we came up with something just a little different. 😉

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Even though it wasn’t planned for Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday to release right before Mother’s Day, it just kinda makes sense, doesn’t it? We’re excited to feature both new motherhood books this season, but we also want to draw your attention to some of our favorites from the VMP shop. Whatever you choose, you just can’t go wrong with these items for a momma (or grandma!) that hit the big three: practical, meaningful, and beautiful!FRESH START FOR MOMS​We call

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How do you share this book with someone?

One of the questions that surprised me most as mommas started reading Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday and really seeing an impact. Ok Val! I’m all in. Now how do I shift the conversation with my friends without looking judgy?  Ummmm. GOOOOD QUESTION! This is so crucial. Because these mommas were starting to make positive changes in their motherhood and with that comes a certain fear that it will look odd to those around us. The same way like if we take

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Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday is here!!!

First, let me say, I cannot believe this day is finally here! I’ve been excited to share what’s in the pages of Grumpy Mom since I first wrote the outline when Vana was just 7 weeks old.And I even tried to force the book to come out sooner. Like a whole year sooner. I remember walking under the big oak trees near my house strolling Vana because I had actually gotten the call time wrong with the publisher and she

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