Embrace the power of prayer walks

Prayer Walk by Valerie Woerner | Val Marie PaperIf you feel stuck in your prayer life, I wanted to share an idea with you that can hopefully help get you moving (literally and figuratively). 

It’s not a particularly new concept but I hope to shed some light that may make the simple practice of prayer walking a powerful weapon in your prayer arsenal. 

I first started prayer walking when I was pregnant with Vivi. It was right after I had created the prayer journals and felt better equipped in knowing the things I was praying for. Morning walks were so important to keep me limber and pain-free that I was committed to waking up way earlier than I ever had before the Louisiana summer heat got unbearable. I would walk around the lake at our apartment and pray for my goals in that season. The first lap I’d pray for my pregnancy and Vivi. The second lap would be for my marriage. The third lap for Val Marie Paper and the fourth lap for the remaining goals I had in that season. 

It was a really special season of committing to praying for something over and over again. 

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Prayer journal tips for a busy month

“I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.” – Martin Luther You’ve maybe seen this quote from Martin Luther and thought THREE HOURS IN PRAYER? ON A BUSY DAY?  It seems counterintuitive to pray more when we have more to do but I love this reminder that if I really am that busy, I should not try to do it on my own. Three hours was Luther’s plan for a busy morning but what’s

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What’s the difference between the 6-Month and Yearly Prayer Journal?

Feeling overwhelmed with anxious thoughts during her first pregnancy, Val began searching for a journal to help bring focus to her prayer time. After scouring the web, she couldn’t find what she had in mind and so what is now our Compose Prayer Journal (6-Month) was born! The printer required a minimum of 50 copies so Val grabbed one for herself and decided to try and sell the rest. (It’s crazy to think about how 50 little journals expanded to

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What makes our prayer journals different?

Launch day for our 2020 Yearly Prayer Journals is here! Around this time there’s always a lot of excitement from those who are previous journal users. Y’all love to share with your friends (thank you!!) and we end up getting quite a few new followers. Your excitement draws them in, but when they start looking around they might wonder (or maybe that’s you today!), “What is so different about this prayer journal?” Maybe they even think, “I can grab one at Amazon or a

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My daily prayer routine

To see the first part of this post in video form click here, but be sure to come back for the bonus features below. 😉 Why don’t we pray as much as we want to?  For many of us, the answer is that we don’t have time OR we just don’t think about it, especially when the day starts charging ahead. I can remember for a long time starting my day super inspired to “spend the day” with the Lord, only to

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