A writing hiatus so I can … write ;)

Hey friends!! In case you haven’t heard, I am writing a book on motherhood that will be released Spring of 2019 with Tyndale! My deadline for the first draft is April 2 so I’ll be devoting the majority of words to that! I’ve got tons of new content to come, but until then, here are a few of my favorite recent posts!!

Today I wanted to share how I use Trello to keep track of my goals!
I thought I’d share some reasons to read your Bible in a year that I’m learning in just this one week.
These are the books piquing my interest right now that you might like too!

February Goals

Yay for one month down in 2018! Lots happened but I’ll be honest. More happened internally as I’ve started working with my life coach, Diana! I’m writing a ton about it and hoping to share more soon! Until then, here’s some progress on January and goals for February! JANUARY GOALS RECAP 1. Finish reading Soul Keeping. DONE. Definitely a favorite. 2. Make a habit of consistent daily redundant. YES!! I was a little surprised how easy this was but I

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Why I didn’t want to read the Bible in a year

I shared as one of my 2018 goals that I will be reading through the Bible this year. As cliche as this goal sounds, I had been toying with the idea for years but never wanted to do it. As someone who tends to doing all the right things and getting a bit legalistic, I worried that my Bible reading would turn into a series of just checking things off a list and turning it into one more thing I

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Monthly Prayer Prompt: January

We LOVE our customer feedback and can honestly say, the things y’all share, if it fits our mission, we take action on. Today’s a big example. During out Pre-Prayer Webinar, Erica B. asked if we had plans to add more worksheet prompts with a monthly focus and our response was “why didn’t we think of that??” Here’s why we loved the idea so much: 1. To give you a place to start. If you feel like you need a little

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January Goals

I shared my big goals for 2018 earlier this month and wanted to share with y’all the first steps I’m taking to tackle them. Here they are below!! 🙂 JANUARY GOALS 1. Finish reading Soul Keeping 2. Make a habit of consistent daily Bible reading 3. Map out my 2018 work rhythms 4. Create playlists for different moods 5. Find a place to stay in Charleston 6. Get shoes. Looking for neutral with good arch supports. Got a rec? 7.

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