Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday


Every mom needs an escape - not from motherhood, but the world's definition of it.

To the world, motherhood is defined as spit-up-covered shirts, sleepless nights, tear-filled trips to Target and from what my mommy brain can remember, not much more. If that is all there is to motherhood, I think we can call off the search : this is what has me wanting to retreat in the bathroom and escape my life some days.

Thankfully, God’s teaching me that hightailing it to a remote island of tranquility isn’t necessary to find refreshment in motherhood. We can find a safe haven right here in the middle of it all. How? If we can expose the lies behind many of those stereotypical mom things and instead magnify God’s truth for motherhood, we can experience His glorious plan, complete with joy, peace, satisfaction, rest, freedom from guilt and so much more.

In this book, we will look at 20 stereotypes of motherhood and the lie we can fall for lurking innocently behind simple things like coffee and safety schools. I’ll share about the times I have believed every last lie and the utter failures that came with it. I’ll also share those days where I renewed my mind in God’s truth and tasted exotic fruit that I never thought I could possibly find in the aisles of the seemingly mundane moments of momlife.

Momma, I hope this book will refresh your soul like a much-needed vacation even if in reality you are reading this from a dimly lit closet hiding from your kids.

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