Men’s & Kid’s Prayer Journals debut!

Just in case you don’t follow social media or may have missed our big announcement, we debuted our 2015 men’s and kid’s journal a bit early! As soon as I had the final product, I couldn’t wait to share with y’all!

Here are a bit of specifics for each.


It is an undated journal (in gray) so you can start at any time. This option has a line for you to fill in the month. The men’s will only come in undated.

Topics include:

The World – Choose a country and their biggest needs to focus on.
The Nation – Lift up leaders or issues that are facing our nation.
My Family – Submit concerns for a spouse or kids to the Lord.
My Friends – Bring before God things that your friends are facing.
photo 1Work – Write out challenges you are facing at work.
Personal – Submit to God personal things on your mind.
3 Untitled Sections – Depending on your stage of life, you may fill this page with everything from “Projects”, “Small Group”, etc.
Notes – Lined page to write whatever you like.
Answered Prayers – Give praise to the Lord for all this month’s blessings and answered prayers.
Scripture – Write a special verse or two to memorize or study for the month.



2020 Yearly Prayer Journal 


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We debuted our 2015 kid’s journal a bit early too! It is an undated journal (in yellow) so you can start at any time. This option has a line for you to fill in the month. The journals seems most fitting for kid’s 6-11 years old OR with help from parents for younger than 6.


photo 4Topics include:

Little Children of the World – A wonderful reminder the world is not just about us!
All God’s Creatures – A place to pray for pets. Kid’s LOVE praying for pets! ; )
My Family – Encourage your kids to ask their siblings (and parents too!) what they can be praying for.
People Hurting – Kid’s loving praying for healing for grandparents and friends! Here is the place for those request!
Friends and Classmates – A place to pray for friends and even bullies.
Tests, Projects and Hobbies – Lifting up our school work and praying God would be glorified through it.
Bible Verses – Teaching our kid’s early to learn about the word.
A Servant’s Heart – A place to write down ways they can show love to family, friends and strangers.
I am Thankful For… – A section to write down all the blessings from the past month.
What Makes Me Smile? – A place to DRAW pictures of what has made them smile this month



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