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A moment, a day, a life transformed by prayer.

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It’s really easy to feel like the season of life you’re in doesn’t offer much time for prayer, but we want to help. Take this quiz to help you find a hidden HOUR of time to pray in your day no matter what life is like right now!

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Our Mission

Prayer transforms lives, homes, and communities and it's our aim to help you experience it...even in a noisy world.

It’s time to take your prayer life from distracted and dull to focused and full.

Prayer is that thing we know is worth it but still struggle to know how to make it happen practically.  

That’s exactly where I found myself in 2013. After getting pregnant and finding countless reasons to worry, I was done just talking about how hard prayer was. I was just desperate enough to know I wouldn’t survive a pregnancy (as a self-diagnosed hypochondriac) without finding something that could organize my thoughts and help me turn those worries into prayers. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I designed it.

I truly thought I was the only one. But ten years later, I can confidently tell you that consistent prayer doesn’t happen naturally for even the most seasoned believer. You aren’t the only one whose prayer time mainly consists of staring at a blank wall and running through my to-do list instead of actually praying. I’m living proof (and so are thousands of others in our community) that a thriving prayer life is possible. I hope you’ll stick around to see for yourself. 😉

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Pressure-free consistency

We’ve got a monthly prompted format that’s the perfect mix of accountability and freedom. It’s a realistic approach that actually works in real life. You’re closer to a thriving prayer life than you think! And for the whole family too.


Treat your bookshelf

If you love a good book that will encourage your faith in really approachable and practical ways, Val has written 6 to do just that. Grow your confidence in prayer, reclaim joy in motherhood, and practically apply Biblical truth to your everyday life. 


Let Val teach you how to pray

Prayer is the most important and transforming conversation of our lives. Want to create a foundation and understanding to become fluent in the language of a lifetime? Grab a few friends and learn together!

“It’s the prayer journal that I will actually use. I like the quality of the product, and the minimal design of every page.”


“I love how it organizes my thoughts, allows for depth in prayer, and is a beautiful, timeless keepsake.”


“I need to quiet my mind and be able to focus. Having prayer prompts written down makes me feel less harried.”


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Get practical tips, encouragement and insight from Val for your prayer life, family life and every moment in-between.

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The Podcast

Prayer In a Noisy World

What if the noise in our earbuds could help us tune out the noise of the world and tune into our most important conversation? Get encouragement to pray like you never thought possible. 


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