International Shipping

You may place your order any day from the shop and all orders will be shipped out on Mondays and Thursdays each week! Although we strive to provide the best service possible, international shipping is just tricky for a small business like us, so we want you to be fully prepared as to what to expect when you place your order. Keep reading, friend!

When you place your order, you'll have two options:

Priority (shipping option w/ VMP guarantee) – This is the only option available for our hard-cover journals and an order of 4 or more soft-covered journals. It is the most expensive option but it assures that your order will arrive as safely and quickly as possible. If there is a mix-up and the package is lost in shipping or takes longer than 6 weeks (or 10 during the holidays), we will re-send it. Basically, this is the option that includes “support” from our team.

Standard (ship-at-your-own-risk option) – This is only an option when you order 1-3 soft-covered journals. It is the cheaper and more risky option, but if price is a factor this might be right for you. You can expect these orders to take 4-6 weeks (8-10 during the holidays). This option does not include customer support, so if it gets lost we cannot replace, refund, or try to track down your order.

In an effort to hep you get your hands on a journal as quickly and cheaply as possible, we've also partnered with some international retailers that offer a limited selection of our products and may ship to your area. See the list below!


Scurry Home & Paper
Arindale, Craigavon, BT67 0SY
Ships in UK and Europe!

More Than Wildflowers
Ships in Australia!

Wool & Flax
Ships in Canada!

For information on becoming an international retailer, please email