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A moment, a day, a life transformed by prayer.

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Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday Endorsements

Filled with grace, hope, and practical ways forward for every momma, Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday is a necessary read for anyone struggling to find refreshment and abundance in the everyday moments of motherhood. Discover how to take a holiday from being the Grumpy Mom and turn to God’s truth about who you are.

Candace Cameron Bure, Actress and New York Times bestselling author 


Val has been discipling women, moms, and our generation with her words and her products for years—and this book just continues that good work. She uses the same gifts of vulnerability and honest truth to serve us, her readers, and she’ll leave you encouraged and spurred on to embrace joy right where you’re at. 

Jess Connolly, Speaker; coauthor of Wild and Free and Always Enough, Never Too Much; author of Dance Stand Run


In a world that often coddles us in our #hotmessmom comfort, Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday looks at joy in motherhood exactly how the Bible does: joy isn’t a feeling; it’s a choice. And the results of choosing joy extend far beyond merely living a happier life. As you travel through these chapters with your new friend Val, you’ll definitely laugh. You’ll probably cry. But most of all, you’ll gain a godly determination to be the mom today you want your kids to remember tomorrow. 

Michelle Myers, Founder of she works HIS way and author of Famous in Heaven and at Home


Okay, fellow Grumpy Mom, Valerie does not shy away from the reality of yucky inner thoughts and motivations. On these pages, you will find a friend who understands the challenges of parenting little ones while living out your God-appointed ministries. She graciously invites you send “the grumps” packing and embrace a better, joy-filled way. 

Heather MacFadyen, Host of the Don’t Mom Alone podcast


I am not a momma, but I am an advocate of community and the hope that can flourish within it. And if I have learned anything from my momma friends, it’s that you can’t do this thing alone, yet daily you find yourself feeling just that way at one time or another—alone. Valerie has a way of being able to see you in the trenches, grab your hand out of compassion, and gently pull you up with the truth “he’s got this, he’s got you, and he’s got them.” A community of mommas will gather around these pages and see hope flourish.

Jenn Jett, Freedom fighter and dream defender; founder of The Well Studio and Camp Well


Yes, yes, yes! Can we please have more books like this? As a mom of three little girls ages three and under, I am determined to not be “that” mom”—the one who is grumpy and always complaining about the little blessings I begged for. Instead, I choose joy. I choose to join Valerie on this vacation—a forever vacation—of finding the indescribable joy in motherhood. Thank you, Valerie, for making me laugh and cry, and most of all for reminding me of this high calling of motherhood and what a joy it can be if I decide not to be the grumpy mom.

Dr. Aly Taylor, Author, speaker, and reality star of TLC’s Rattled


If you’re a mom who has ever struggled with getting grumpy with your kids (quite possibly all of us!), then you’re going to be encouraged and inspired by Valerie Woerner in Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday. While she can relate to the very real challenges of motherhood, she also offers hope and actions steps to help you find peace and joy in your amazing role as a mom.  

Lisa Jacobson,


After reading this book, you will be encouraged and empowered and feel a little less alone. This book will help replace the lies you might believe about yourself as a mom and offer a redemptive and refreshing perspective on motherhood. This book has held a mirror to my most vulnerable moments as a new mom and challenged me to turn my grumblings into gratitude. The truth-bomb reminders in the book will transform how you teach, care for, and respond to your children. As you read, you will be filled up with more grace, joy, and love for yourself and your littles.

Audrey Roloff, Coauthor of A Love Letter Life, founder of Always More, and cofounder of Beating50Percent


In a culture that offers us a bazillion reasons to blame our kids for our stress and exhaustion, Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday challenges readers to reconsider the blessing of motherhood. Val gently leads us to face this truth: we’re not victims of our motherhood—we’re victors as we surrender to God’s Spirit. Pick up this book and rediscover the joy of being the mom God created you to be.

Asheritah Ciuciu, Founder of One Thing Alone Ministries and author of Full: Food, Jesus, and the Battle for Satisfaction


As moms living in a digital age with endless demands on our time, we need the hopeful message Val offers in Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday. The “holiday” Val describes isn’t the normal getaway we often desire. Instead, she offers us a better way of living and embracing our roles in motherhood by learning the gift of contentment right where God has placed us. Val’s honesty will have you nodding your head as if you are sharing with a close friend over a cup of coffee. For every tired and overworked mom out there, this book will send you on your way with hope in your heart and joy in your step.

Gretchen Saffles, Writer and founder of Well-Watered Women


Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday left me cheering out loud and filled with new peace with every turn of the page! This refreshing and actionable book delivers on its promise and more: I have found new joy in motherhood and in my faith, thanks to Val’s insightful words. I couldn’t put this book down!

Lara Casey, Author of Make It Happen and Cultivate

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