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A moment, a day, a life transformed by prayer.

Asking Questions



This is where you dig in. This is where things are going to take shape in your life. Sometimes I get things backwards and feel momentary freedom when I skip things I’m supposed to do. But the reality is, normally I just end up stifling my own dreams. Not today, fair lady. Let the refining begin!

A few notes:

1. Each lesson will start with questions. Some answers you will find in the book, but not all of them. You are going to have to reflect, pray and dig into the Word, too.

2. Each lesson will end with three sections:

    a. Out of your book. This is your section to write down anything that stood out from the chapter that will motivate you later on. It can be quotes to remember, verses you want to memorize or even be things that you read elsewhere that tie in.

    b. Into your life. This is your section to write down what action steps you need to take to make these ideas real in your life. What are the first three steps? Write them down. Include them in your calendar if you need. This book won’t work if you don’t.  🙂

    c. A part of God’s plan. This is your section to write out a prayer asking the Lord to be a part of this. Without Him, our plans fail. I’ll include a prompt, but pray for whatever tugs at your heart most in each chapter.

3. We learn best by hearing, doing and then teaching. Teach us what you have learned and share any nuggets of wisdom on Instagram hashtag #thefinishingschool.

4. Click here for your Orientation worksheet!!