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A moment, a day, a life transformed by prayer.

Asking Questions


A thriving prayer life begins here

Feeling like you don’t even have 30 seconds to pray today?

We’ve been there!

That’s why we created our prompted prayer journals to help you clear out the distractions and make an intentional choice to start praying TODAY.

Here’s how your prayer life can change through our monthly format: 

  • FOCUS: Make the most of every little pocket of time you have to pray by deciding what you want to pray for before each month begins.
  • CONSISTENCY: Use our structured format to keep you accountable and committed to praying for what you have already decided to pray for.
  • ABUNDANCE: Pray throughout your day to bring intention into the most mundane moments and peace into the chaos and confusion.

Prayer was never meant to be our backup plan.

Grab your sample of our prompted prayer format below so you can: 

  • Find focus in your prayers
  • Experience a deeper relationship with the Lord
  • And live expectantly in each day


1. Sign up to grab a FREE sample of our prompted prayer format.

2. Put on some worship music and fill out allll the prompts.

3. Spend the next month praying over 1-2 sections a day.

4. Love it?? Check out our 6-month and 12-month prayer journals here.

By signing up, you’ll also get our weekly peptalk–a once-a-week encouragement for your prayer life from Val and a few resources to help you as you pray. 






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