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A moment, a day, a life transformed by prayer.

Asking Questions



If you are on the fence about purchasing one of our prayer journals, we totally understand!! Finding even an extra $15 in the budget can be tough to do, especially if you aren’t sure if a product will really do what you hope it will do! These little journals have changed my prayer life and has totally been worth the investment, but don’t take my word for it. Read some reviews from our customers before, in our product listings for specific reviews or in our old shop!


I wanted a place to write down all the prayer requests whizzing around in my head. Small enough to carry around with me and easily look back on. It’s just perfect for it. Simple but so effective. – Lucy Abbott – A student and photographer from England

I had received two prayer journals for Christmas from a friend. Absolutely my favorite Christmas gift by far. So… I wanted to buy more for my friends, because I love prayer and I love journals! – Jennie Harclerode – A stay-at-home mom from Pennyslvania

As awful as this sounds, just wanting to be able to use the cute journal I bought had me taking my prayer life more seriously! I pray more because I want to use the journal! – Emily Haynes – A student from Florida

I needed something that would force me to be intentional with my time (It’s so hard to make myself carve out quiet time these days!) And when I saw your journal, I knew that it would be perfect for me. The gorgeous colors to pick from, the paper quality, and perfectly thought out sections are a few things that made me fall in love with your product. – Alyssa Walden – A pediatrics resident from Georgia

I never kept a prayer journal before VMP. I like that they are thin, not too many pages/month. Easy to carry around when I travel. It also let’s me do one of the things I love to do but never devote time to and that is to write and journal (on a much smaller scale) – Really just capturing thoughts, quotes, lyrics etc. that inspire me and speak to me (the little things). – Yvette Brabant – A lead resource manager and ministry leader from New Jersey


Being able to track my faith journey or remember to be persistent about certain prayer intentions. Keeps my heart in check. Keeps me accountable when I haven’t spent as much alone time with The Lord but also encourages me when I see how God has responded to my prayers. – Reed Richardson – A graphic designer from Florida

Looking back and seeing what God has done. It’s a temptation for me to look at my life and see all my unanswered prayers and think that God isn’t working. The journal acts as a stone of remembrance for me to look and see that no, that’s not the case! God is working, even if it’s not in the ways I want in my own timetable. – Kate Wildman – Owner of Kate & Co. Design from Chicago

Putting pen to paper and actually naming certain people who are in need and bringing it before our Lord. Made me think more of others and not dwell on my own transgressions and problems. – Susan M. Harpe – A mom/empty nester from North Carolina

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with prayer requests, and my mind works best when I can focus on little things at a time. Your journal has allowed me to think in small sections and become intentional with my prayers. – Alyssa Walden – A pediatrics resident from Georgia

Asking my friends what I can be praying for them at the start of every month. It is really created some very special moments. I send out group texts to each group of friends I have (so that it feels like safe space) and the responses are always so deep and heartfelt. – Sierra Opper – A student from Kansas City

I travel a lot for work and also pleasure on the weekends so carrying around large hardback prayer journals just gets bulky and heavy. Slender and sleek are the way to go. But keeping the pages thick enough unlike the moleskin journals. Love it!! – Elizabeth – a health administrator from Georgia

Prayer has always been a struggle for me to understand, and your journals seemed to simplify the abstract into something more concrete while I continued to learn more about what prayer is all about. – Holly Holt – Owner of Holly Holt Design from Minnesota


There is enough structure without endless pages I feel like I have to fill up. – Jaclyn Kendall – Navy wife and mom from California

I love that the marriage set sparked conversation between my husband and I, even after 10+ years of marriage. It was something new/different to work on together! – Jess Temple – A mama + owner of Sadie Sky Boutique from Texas

I loved the amount of space and yet it is still compact. My favorite has been giving them as gifts. This ministry has been a blessing because it has allowed me to give someone a book that points others to sweet communion with the Lord. How cool! And, what a lasting gift to give someone. – Amber Sand – from Tennessee

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