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12 Things To Do Before Noon

9.20.2012 • 5 Comments

I found this great article on US New’s website about things great employees do before noon. The first half of our day determines how the rest will go so I thought it would be useful to share some things that will kick our days off right, and what better way than with a simple graphic as a reminder! Enjoy!!

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Comments (9)

Hi Valerie!

I would love to share this with my readers on my blog! Is that okay with you if I of course credit and link your blog?! 🙂 This is soooo helpful! Love it! Love your blog and work! xoxo

This is so wonderful! I second Laurie- posting it on the bulletin board immediately! It’s amazing how such little changes in your day can have such a big impact throughout your work week 🙂

Yes!! I bet. I do my checklist at the end of the my workday and if I forget, I do it right before bed or else I’ll be tossing and turning thinking of projects! I’ve got a blog post coming of how I create my list for the next day that I think will help others! It’s helped me so much to get everything on my list done for the day!

Oh good old #4, I will conquer you one day… But what a great set of tips to keep me on track! Thanks Val!

I’m just recently have learned how much I need this!! I love ending my day, clearing my head with a workout and I have so much more energy to clean the house and cook at night now.

Yay!! That is awesome!! I just love how practical the tips are. I definitely need to do that too! ; )