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2019 Collection: Small, but mighty!


A couple years ago, Val wrote a post about what it looks like to launch small and this year we’re taking a new twist on the concept! Earlier this year, she came to our team with an idea to, well, maybe not have so many ideas. 😉 And when Val said she felt the Lord leading us to simplify our collection it just made total sense.

5 years ago, (yep, today’s VMP’s 5th birthday!!) Val launched the first Compose Prayer Journal (6-Month) and the basic format has stayed the same. Sometimes it’s difficult not to latch onto every fun idea that comes our way, but we know that the Lord’s given us this one focus–prayer–and we want to give it everything we’ve got.

Our heart is that nothing gets in the way of our main product. So instead of developing a lot of new things this year, we wanted to help eliminate some of the overwhelm that people might feel as they come to their quiet times. We’re keeping this collection simple and focusing on helping you use our journals well! We want them to find their way out of their packages and settle with you into a new routine of seeking the Lord even more purposefully. And so we’ve spent hours asking ourselves, “How can we help women get the most out of our journals? What are the little things along the way that will make the biggest difference?”

And these are some of the things that we’ve come up with:

  • Adding a few sweet extras to each prayer journal package–gold bookmark clips to mark your place, a thorough guide to prepping your journal, and the legacy of prayer box (for our yearly users)–to hold all those answered prayer pages.
  • More prayer encouragement and practical tips on how to use our journals in our social media accounts. We don’t just want to sell you stuff! We want to build a sisterhood of women in the pursuit of “a life energetic and blazing with holiness.” (1 Peter 1:15) Follow our accounts on Instagram @valwoerner | @valmariepaper and our VMP Society FB group!
  • Our 2019 Prayer Series right here on the blog! Starting tomorrow, we’ll be taking a day each to expand on the prayer prompts that you’ll find in our prayer journal. Check back tomorrow for our first section, World & Nation!
  • And more… like y’all, we have some BIG things coming that Val’s announcing today on our FB + Insta Live at 11AM CST.

So when you head to the shop in just a moment, we hope you can tell what’s important to us. Each product in our new collection has been meaningfully selected to offer a simple structure to your prayer life depending on your season. Fresh Start for the new-to-VMP friend, our Yearly for the aspiring prayer warrior, the Compose Journal (6-Month) if you’re ready to finish out 2018 strong or stock up on gifts for the holidays ahead. (Use the code 3ORMORE in that case!)

Along with a few other prayer tools, you will find one new product–our Daily Sheets, a pad of sticky notes to accompany your journal as a way to keep you focused on prayer all day long!

And to celebrate a small launch day, we’re offering something big! With every purchase of $50 or more, we’ll throw in a FREE Prayer Memoirs–a prompted journal to record the story of how God’s worked throughout your life.

So head on over to the shop, friend. We hope you’ll embrace our narrow focus and find a little something there that’s filled with purpose.

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