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2019 Yearly Prayer Journal

8.8.2018 • 14 Comments

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I cannot believe we are debuting our third year of spiral hardbound Yearly Prayer Journals, but here we are!! Whether you’ve got a stack of VMP journals tattered and full of answered prayers and memories of God’s faithfulness, or if you’re on the fence and wondering whether you should invest, I’m so excited to share these with you!!

It’s so fun to get to reveal with you the cover options we have available and see which fits your personality best but y’all, these aren’t just pretty high-quality journals. These are smart journals designed with such intention to help you focus your mind on the Lord as you make time to pray instead of flubbing around for 10 minutes just to be interrupted by life and call that “prayer time”. Just me??

If you get our peptalk emails, you heard me share this secret already.

After 5 years of using this format, I don’t use my prayer journals MORE, I actually use them less. At first, I felt like a fraud. What would our VMP fans think?!? What God showed me was that I use it less because I’m naturally praying more. It has done the job of helping me focus on the Lord even in my noisy world so much so that I’m able to do it without clinging to my journal throughout the day. Don’t get me wrong, I still use my journal each morning and some evenings but the truth is, I jump into prayer much easier now because using my journal consistently and experiencing deep prayer time changed my life and created a healthy habit.  


No magic! Just a simple format designed to clear out the noise and be a place for your wandering mind to land. Here are the details:

  • It is a prompted prayer journal broken into 12 months.
  • There are 7 pages of categories to fill out and organize your requests for the world, community, family, friends, your own goals and more.
  • At the beginning of each month, you can spend 30 minutes intentionally thinking about what you want to be in prayer about.
  • For the next 30 days, you can go back to that list that you’ve already thoughtfully planned and dive right into prayer. Simply carry it with you to pray when you have a few minutes throughout your day or sit quietly for an extended time in the morning.
  • We’ve also got an adoration, Scripture and quotes section to help you find focus on God’s truth before you start to pray which helps align our hearts to God’s, thank Him and realize how faithful and BIG he is before we even start bringing requests to Him.
  • There is also a section for answered prayers so you can track how God is working in your life because seeing God works makes us that much more likely to pray.
  • And that’s just the prompted section! There are also two other lined sections: 1. to write out prayers in long form 2. to write down about 3 gratitudes a day!
  • It’s basically 4 journals in one (2 of our 6-month journals, 1 of our old gratitude journals and 1 of our old conversation journals). A $60 value for $47. (Or $40 if you order during pre-orders!)
  • And spiral!! Our hope is that this journal would lay open on kitchen counters as you cook, on window sills as you do dishes, by bathroom sinks as you fix your hair and passengers’ seats as you drive.

We started pre-orders YESTERDAY to make sure we order enough as these take 2 months to come in, so don’t wait to order yours! The journals will ship out in October or November in plenty of time for Christmas gifts and to begin using in January!

Pre-order for $40 instead of $47 now through August 21!!


Because we have a short window for pre-orders (now – August 21) before we have to give our quantity, we would be ever so grateful if you shared this with any friends you think would love this product! We truly want to be good stewards of our resources, so we will be ordering conservatively beyond those purchased during our two weeks of pre-orders. Repin this blog post to Pinterest or share on Instagram or Facebook! To say thank you, I’ll pick ONE winner on August 21 who will receive a $100 gift card to shop our full 2019 collection debuting mid-September! Just copy the link in the comments below to let us know you entered.

2019 Yearly Prayer Journal by Val Marie Paper | Val Marie Paper, how to make a prayer journal, praying for your kids, husband, prayer warrior, war room, women's ministry, Bible study, how to, DIY, notebook, spiral, tools

Here’s where I go tough on the sell. (Which I hate doing!!) We’ve seen this product change lives and if we can change yours too in a positive way, we’ll get a little salesy for a minute. We’d love for you to take the leap.

  • If you’ve been talking about deepening your prayer life for a long time
  • If you’ve attempted to make your own journal, but can’t stay consistent
  • If you’ve never believed you could be a prayer warrior

Know that I have been there. I was there 5 years ago and right now, I’m experiencing prayer like I never expected. And listen, I grew up knowing the power of prayer. So for someone like me to struggle in prayer, I know that if that was never modeled for you or if this whole prayer thing is new, you don’t have to figure it all out alone!!

Feel free to join our webinar if you’d like to hear more about my prayer story and get an inside peek at our prayer journals! We’ll talk about how you can include them your daily rhythms and start seeing growth and consistency in your prayer life. Click here to sign up!

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Comments (15)

Whoo-hoo! Excited to start 2019 on my knees in prayer!

Shared on Facebook

So excited to get my own copy of the yearly journal.

Shared on Facebook!!!

Can’t wait to try again this year – why is this such a hard habit to get into? Fell off the wagon this year – maybe I can finish it strong with my 2018 journal. Praying for consistency and commitment.

Still making a decision on yearly vs 6 month. So hard!

Repinned! 🙂 I’m still trying to decide between the navy & gray- then I’ll be pre-ordering!!!

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