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2023 Goals Recap

12.28.2023 • 1 Comment

Looking back on those goals I set at the beginning of the year is always a scary thing. Can we ever really say we’ve done enough? I’ve had to reframe how I approach recaps because I don’t want to get so dissatisfied with progress towards goals that I’ve deemed important. I don’t want to expect this perfect completion knowing I made those goals without complete knowledge of what was coming. I will always enjoy setting goals though because it helps point me in the direction I feel the Lord is calling me in. It just also allows Him to redirect my attention to other things. So here’s my goals recap with what I did to move the needle. 

goals, 2024 goals, recapGOAL 1. Successfully complete RTN Group Coaching Program

I have tried several different programs over the past two years, taken more supplements than I care to admit and tried so many things over the years. This program is all about natural foods and little to no supplements. The goal is specifically to help with thyroid issues. I’ve been keeping up with Josh and Jeanne’s content for a while now and decided this was the perfect time to try this. 

End of Year Update:

  • I started paying attention to macros and feel so much better when they are more balanced. I don’t obsess or track but am mindful to have some carb, fat and protein at every mean, even snacks.
  • I started eating breakfast more consistently within first hour of the day.
  • I added variety to my protein options. 
  • I tried sardines. It ended up having more histamines and not the best for me but glad I tried it. 

GOAL 2.  Speak Tyler, Vivi and Vana’s love languages 

My three people are so very different and I spend a lot of time loving them but often in ways I know I would feel loved. I want to love them more in ways they feel most loved. 

End of Year Update: 

  • Had everyone take the test 
  • I read the book on Love Languages for kids
  • I understood Vivi’s needs a bit better and started speaking to how serving her in many instances isn’t spoiling her but speaking love. 
  • I made more time in my evenings for snuggling with Vana with books. 
  • Wrote 5 phrases both girl needs to hear on repeat based on what they struggle with. And making a point to repeat it!

GOAL 3.  Create good sleep habits

Sleep is so important to overall health. In my mind, I sleep a solid 7 ½ hours  a sleep every night but when I do the real math, it’s less most nights. I find myself LOVING the late night lately which is not like me at all. I think if I put a little effort into good quality and quantity sleep, it would do wonders for me!

End of Year Update: 

  • Yes! Sleep has been so much better this year! 
  • Got a new mattress.
  • Splurged on Tencel bedding from West Elm. It’s a total dream. 
  • Got consistent with red light. 
  • Created a new nightly routine that’s super unwindy. 😜
  • Got really consistent with my Adagio journal! 

GOAL 4. Do 3-Month Contentment Challenge

I need a spending break! Last year was expensive. Between mold remediation, new appliances (because everything in our house is falling like dominos), health tests and a month of travel, spending snowballed. I’ve done this challenge years ago and it was amazing the headspace gained when you realized you couldn’t purchase that cool new thing you saw on Amazon or that book someone just shared.

End of Year Update: 

  • We did it! That was so long ago and in some ways the spending got bad again this last quarter but I’m already planning another contentment challenge for early 2024.  

GOAL 5. Reread 10 favorite books

There are several books that have really impacted me over the years! I’d love to revisit them!  🙈

End of Year Update: 

  • I bailed on this one sooo fast! Literally didn’t even reread one. I think a better goal would have been to reread my highlights for them because I love a new book too much to choose that many repeats. 

GOAL 6. Hire a shipping manager and integrate them well into the team 

We thought we had found a ship manager but the search continues (more of that story here)! We are praying for someone hungry, humble and smart with a heart for ministry and behind the scenes. 

End of Year Update: 

  • Yes!! We hired Betsy in February and she’s been amazing!! 

GOAL 7. Laugh more, complain less 

Y’all, I’m a complainer. I think we all like to assume we aren’t, don’t we? But I am. I like things the way I like ‘em and unfortunately, it’s rubbing off on two very impressionable girls. I hope to lead by example and infuse our home with more joy and flexibility and less complaining. 

End of Year Update: 

  • I tracked giggle fits early on in the year and it was so fun to see how many times I’d just let myself start laughing over something and could not control it. It’s like the more you laugh, the more you find yourself laughing so hard you can’t stop. The girls started teasing when I’d start one they’d say “Oh no! She’s doing that giggle thing again!!!”
  • Some less complaining but I could for sure continue in this goal! 

GOAL 8. Pivot Val Marie Paper 

The last two years have been a lot of coasting. I hate saying that but after 2020, writing over 150,000 words in one year and a shipping season from hell, I burnt out and got myself sick. Those health issues have kept me down and distracted since then and when it was finally letting up, I took over shipping. Needless to say, I’m excited for 2023 and have felt so re-inspired for the work I do and what we can do through VMP in the future.  

2023 goals recap by Valerie Woerner, last year's goals, 2024 goals, new year, prayer lifeEnd of Year Update: 

  • We experimented with so many things. Some worked, some didn’t. 
  • We rebranded.
  • We got a new website. 
  • We started using custom packaging. 
  • Started a weekly email peptalk that’s been so life-giving! 
  • I hopped back on social for the last part of the year. 
  • We have a new product coming that I haven’t been so excited about since our yearly prayer journal!
  • We have more pivots coming that I think you’re gonna love!

Other random things:

  • 10 prayer walks at church 
  • 10 prayer walks at girl’s school 
  • 30+ sermons preached by Tyler (which I’m learning is a family affair 😉
  • 25+ books read (I’ll be sharing those Monday!)
  • 92 Lindywell pilates workouts 
  • 90+ hours roadtripping
  • 5 family chocolate truffle tastings
  • Many girl’s night outs
  • Threw Vivi has half birthday (her last party was canceled due to little sister being sick)
  • Pray Confidently and Consistently was licensed in Romania!
  • Joined our Women’s Ministry team
  • Helped plan a prayer walk at gardens for women’s event
  • Installed showers finally! After a year and a half without it!
  • Had a surgery 
  • Started using a walking pad for the first 30 minutes of every work day and been able to stay consistent with it! 

There you have it! A gracious goals recap for 2023! 

Do you look back on those goals you set at the beginning of the year? Does it feel discouraging to? Leave perfection behind and tell us something small you did to move a goal forward!

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Comments (2)

Love this and appreciate your transparency. Do share more on your new nightly routine that’s super unwindy!

So I used to watch an episode of Frasier or Seinfeld on my ipad while taking a bath but we fixed our primary shower and I've been doing a shower instead. I'll set up an episode and listen while I shower then put on this plush robe I have and do my face lotions, brush teeth, vegamour in my hair. I just don't rush it anymore because it's been a little sanctuary. And it's a quick one show, not a ton of screen time and I'm not staring at it so I hop in bed after and it just slows me down so much. We demo'd our master bath 18 months ago so to do my nightly routine in our primary bath room has felt like such a luxury. Then when I hop in bed I do my adagio journal which helps me unwind too!