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A comparison of our 3 prayer journals

8.24.2021 • 1 Comment

Over the past 7 years, our company has gone from offering our original paperback prayer journal, now called the Compose, to developing a more comprehensive spiral option, the Rhythms and then adding an additional spiral for those who’ve had success with our format and are ready for more, the Signature.

You might notice that these three words have something in common, all musical terms chosen specifically for the purpose that each has to offer. If you’ve asked yourself which prayer journal might be best for you or why we carry three different journals at all, read on. Each of these journals contributes to the overall melody we desire to introduce our customers to–the hope of a transformed life through prayer.


This was the original prayer journal Val created at a time when she had many thoughts swirling around in her mind and needed something that would organize her requests and keep her focused in prayer. After filling out the prompts at the beginning of the month, you’re able to come back daily and much more easily compose the prayers on your heart. This is a 6-month, undated journal for only $15, so it’s a low threshold for people to just jump in and see if our format might work for them. Click here to shop!


Originally called “the yearly”, we changed its name to emphasize that this journal is for those who desire to create a natural rhythm of prayer in their lives. Because it’s dated with each month of the year, it helps the user to see their yearly prayer story all in one place. It has lined pages in the second and third sections to write out prayers and gratitudes a few times per week, but the focus is learning to use your Monthly Prompts section to pray daily for a whole year. Click here to shop!


When reading music, the signature at the beginning determines the way the piece will be played. Our hope for this prayer journal is that it will set the tone for your day and that your life would be an outflow of time with the Lord. If you’ve had success with our format and are ready for a new challenge or if you’re new, coming to us with a consistent prayer habit already, this is your journal. Along with the “God Answers” page, you’ll find in each of our journals, there is also a “God Speaks” section. We’re challenging you to take time to not only pray but listen expectantly to His voice and record what you hear throughout the month. Second, there are 29 lined pages at the end of each month’s prompts. Ideally, you would use one page each day to record your prayers and gratitudes. This leaves two extra days, one to fill out your prompts at the beginning of the month, and one to reflect on all God’s done at the end of the month. Click here to shop!

Does one of these journals strike a chord with you? 😉 Give you something to aspire to? We view these three journals in relation to a framework for how we hope to serve each customer.

Compose – Come, find focus by recording your requests.
Rhythms – Grow the habit you’ve begun by praying consistently for a whole year.
Signature – Go. You have the habit, now enjoy the adventure!

Now that you have the philosophy, I’ll leave you with a comparison chart with a few more details on each of our journals. If you’re still questioning which journal might be a good fit for you, reach out to We’re glad to help!

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