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A Note of Appreciation

4.19.2013 • 3 Comments


April is National Letter Writing Month so what better time to…write letters!! : )

I love this photo so much! I was hunting for a photo of someone writing a letter, but picked this one because it shows the person receiving it too. I don’t think we always realize how much a written letter can mean to someone else. It might be just the encouragement they need right now!

So grab your Lift & Love list or start one by finding it here. And download our Note of Appreciation letterhead here. Happy Weekend Everyone!!


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Comments (3)

I love to write letters and am so excited for an excuse to do so!
I also just had to see where you found such a wonderful picture and nearly cried watching that sweet couple’s video. So beautiful!
Thanks for sharing!

I love this! I need to write one of these to my husband for working so hard lately. 🙂 Happy Friday!

I didn’t know that April was national letter writing month. But I did just randomly send out about 10 handwritten notes to people in my life. I am excited to see your letter and have already printed a few copies and will start writing soon. Awesome!!!!