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A Worrying Heart

5.17.2013 • 1 Comment

worryThe last few weeks have been testing this worrying heart. I had two friends miscarry and found out someone I know through my best friend went into preterm labor and delivered her little girl yesterday at 26 weeks!  

Each time, I hear a story like this, my heart wants to choose to worry. You worry for your friend having to go through something this difficult, and you’re reminded that not every pregnancy ends with a happy healthy baby.

All three of these women have a deep faith and expressed some sort of peace amidst these struggles. God is holding these little babies in His hands, which honestly, is a much safer place to be than mine.

This past Sunday, the pastor at Tyler’s family church talked about Rachel and Samuel from the Bible. Rachel desperately wanted a child but couldn’t bear one. She finally did get pregnant and promised to give Him to the Lord. What courage this had to take! I can’t imagine “giving up” that one thing she had longed for for so long. But she gave him to the Lord to be used.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I worried a little about miscarrying. The Lord was seriously with me. I did not worry nearly as much as I expected and I can’t take the credit, because I’m pretty good at worrying. Nevertheless, I told myself, once I get out of the first trimester, I WON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. False. I have discovered there are 4 stages of pregnancy:

1. Worry about miscarrying (4-13 weeks)

2. Worry about anything health related (13-20 weeks) This is when testing for genetic disorders happens.

3. Worry about premature delivery and possible complications (20-40 weeks)

4. Worry about anything that could happen to your sweet child (1 day – their entire life)

So that was a reality check for me. I can’t just be OK with worry thinking I’ll just wait to not worry until there is nothing to worry about because I will magically always have something I can worry about. This really helped me realize, I want to work on this. And I can change this.

It has been my prayer that I truly learn how to choose trust instead of worry in these early stages of parenting. I don’t want to worry my life away.

I know this will be hard! But I think the more I practice choosing trust instead of worry, the easier it becomes to trust. If you find yourself worrying about ANYTHING, I hope you find encouragement in the quote above! We don’t need to do this on our own strength. In fact, it’s better if we simply depend on God for it!

I’m resting little Vivi in God’s hands. I’m resting Tyler in God’s hands (I worry a decent bit about losing him, too). I’m resting VMP in God’s hands. These things are safer there anyway.

Please say a prayer for mom Grace, dad Justin and their sweet girl Lyla! You can keep up with her story and send encouragement here! I was actually was encouraged greatly reading their story and hearing their heart and their response.

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Comments (2)

Hey Val:)
That is wonderful truths for parents (especially first time moms). Although wonderful it is super hard to put those truths (trusting God and letting Him carry our burdens) into practice.
I remember my 2nd week having John Tyler home and we started to let him sleep in his own crib, in a seperate room, all by himself! I had a video monitor set up by my bedside table that would alert me if anything would go wrong, bit even with that comfort the worry bug had me so bad that I couldn’t fall asleep! I stopped right there and prayed that God would take away the unhealthy fear of anything happenening to John Tyler. I prayed that I would give my fears to Him and that of anything DID happen to that precious baby it was in God’s control and His ordained plan. I slept that night.
The sad thing is that I have had to surrender my fears about the what ifs of this baby to God several times… It is a daily thing; there is always a new fear. But God has been gracious to me when I call out for His help. He takes those fears and lets me be at peace!
Thanks for spreading those truths girl:)


Ah! Thanks for sharing Lauren!! It’s amazing what God can do when we put our trust in Him. I have a feeling I will need to learn this quite a few more times in the future. ; )