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A moment, a day, a life transformed by prayer.

Asking Questions



Our mission is to create practical tools and content that prompt an awareness of the Lord’s presence in our noisy, everyday lives.


With every decision I make for Val Marie Paper, this is the heart of what you will find in our products, books, blog and social media content. And here are a few specific ways I hope to serve you and hashtags if you need specific encouragement today!

1. To create products that usher you into the presence of God and help you eliminate distractions. #vmpjournals

2. To inspire you to find peace and joy in your life. #vmppeaceandjoy

3. To portray a real picture of motherhood without becoming a martyr. And a joyful picture of motherhood that is encouraging without being fake or creating envy. #valdoesmotherhood

4. To give you a thirst for knowledge to keep growing and keep learning. I think a teachable spirit is the best quality ever because if are willing to grow, God can do so much with a willing heart. #valandwords #thefinishingschool

5. To refresh you with the truth that whitespace in our life is a good thing. The person with the most things crossed off their to-do list, most extra curricular activities or most toys when they die doesn’t win. #valandthesimplelife

6. To motivate you to achieve your God-given goals. #valandgoals

7. To steward this business God gave me well and hold myself to the Shop Girl’s Code. #shopgirlscode

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