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Adoration Resources


The Adoration section has tripped up many a prayer journal user, but we hope to change that with today’s post! Once you get into a rhythm of how you like to use this section, we think it may become one of your favorites. Val wrote a blog post here about what exactly adoration is and why it’s so important. We recently moved it to the front of our monthly prompts section to emphasize that each time of prayer should begin with praise to the Lord.

When you’re filling out this section at the beginning of the month, we suggest picking a single name or characteristic of God to focus on. You may want to include a definition or example verse to meditate on or pray back to God as well.

Our community has enjoyed using many resources over the years to give them inspiration for this section. And we thought it was time to collect all of these together in one place for anyone who might be new or who just is looking to switch things up! After reading through the list, please add your favorite resources and ideas to the comments below. We want this post to be as helpful as possible!


  • Look to see if there are any themes throughout your requests and if one characteristic sticks out to focus on. Ex: If there are a lot of needs, you may focus on God as Provider.
  • Pick a Psalm to focus on for the month.
  • When you pick out an attribute of God, be on the lookout for different ways that attribute pops up throughout the month in your Bible reading, sermons, or daily life. If you have a Signature Prayer Journal, this would be great to keep track of in the God Speaks section!
  • Fill out your Adoration sections for the entire year at one time, so you don’t get hung up on it each month!



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