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Studio :: Behind the Name


I think one of the funnest (yep, funnest) things about owning a business is getting to create something that’s really YOU (more on that tomorrow!). Second funnest? Coming up with a fun name, of course.

It can be an agonizing process too, though. I only have a few commitment issues, but picking a favorite color or a name that will stick around for years and years makes my palms sweaty.

This time around, even though I did use part of my name, serious thinking was certainly a part of the process. Here’s a little disection of WHY I landed on Val Marie Paper!

VAL – I always get asked, can I call you Val? I always think it’s funny because Val or Valerie, it’s still me. Even if I met you five minutes ago, you can call me Val. We’re friends. I think using Val instead of Valerie is more personal for me and honestly, makes me more comfortable being completely genuine with you! There is no facade. It’s just me. And you already know it! 🙂

Now if you try to call my husband Ty instead of Tyler, and he will fight you. ; )

MARIE – It’s a super common middle name and even moreso, if you can believe, in French Cajun country. It just so happens my mom, both grandmothers, a few aunts, and even a few best friends have Marie as their middle name. I know a lot of people with the middle name Marie who just hate it! But I love it! It represents where I come from and my family heritage. I love getting to be a part of an amazing culture here in South Louisiana and hope to share that through my brand. If you’ve never been here, you must visit!

PAPER – Through planning the ordering and info process, I had one mission in mind. Keep it simple, straightforward and stress free. You have got enough going on. If I can take a little time on the front end to make sure your experience with us is stress free and pleasant, I’ll plan for that! I thought of calling it Val Marie Studio or Val Marie Creative or even keeping Southern Fete Creative but I wanted it to be obvious and straightforward. Paper is our currency. And paper is what you’ll get!

Check back tomorrow to see our full branding!!

I’m so excited about this new blog! When planning out the direction of where to go, I knew I wanted to share more than just wedding inspiration. You can still expect plenty of that, but I’ll also post about health, business, marriage & the home, organization, good causes, good books and great design!

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