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Celebrate Something!

11.15.2012 • 1 Comment

This morning I was looking through my YouVersion app at some verses and notes I had marked. There was one marked Launch Party and I couldn’t for the life of me remember what it had to do with verses. Then I read these wise words I had saved from Joyce Meyer. They’re the words that made me decide to do a launch party (see pics here)!

Enjoyment is the fuel we need to reach the finish line of an endeavor with a good attitude. We may drive ourselves to finish, but somewhere along the way we will probably become bitter and get a chip on our shoulder if we don’t lighten up and take time to celebrate the journey. Too many people work constantly and stress themselves out, feeling guilty about enjoying and celebrating life when God has clearly ordained and commanded both labor and enjoyment. Ecclesiastes 2:24 says that it’s good for us to relax and enjoy ourselves in the midst of hard work. 

Our thinking has been warped in this area. Satan has managed to deceive us, and by doing so he succeeds in keeping people weary and worn-out, feeling resentful and taken advantage of because of excessive work and responsibility. We need times of refreshment and recreation as well as work and accomplishment. You should be diligent in whatever task God has placed in front of you, but make sure that you find a balance by learning to reward yourself and enjoy life. God thinks you are worth it!

Last night I got to celebrate with two friends: one who had just completed a big renovation of a wedding venue and the other who just opened her own floral shop. Where ever you are today on your journey, CELEBRATE SOMETHING! It will make all the difference in the world for the rest of the trip. ; )

What “something” are you celebrating today?

City Club at River Ranch     City Club at River Ranch

{iPhone pics from last night! For more on Instagram – Val Woerner }

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Comments (2)

I love Joyce Meyer’s devotionals on the YouVersion app. And this is such a wonderful reminder to celebrate…I’ve been meaning to celebrate my new job, but I keep coming up with reasons not to…too busy, should be working on other things instead, etc. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. Congrats on your launch party too, looks beautiful! 🙂

Thanks Katie! Yes! Celebrate! You deserve it and it will only fuel you more. Congrats on the new job. These pics were from two events last night I celebrated with friends. Check out our launch party pics here!