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pngA few weeks ago, I wanted to get more intent on some of my goals. I believe wholeheartedly that change takes planning. Saying, “tomorrow I’m going to wake up and eat healthy” is a lot different than prepping healthy snacks and planning meals for the week. Part of my goal planning was to set up a few different reminders for myself for things that I want to do more of. I have a reminder on my phone every morning to pray for Tyler and one at bedtime to read through a few Scriptures I’m trying to memorize. I also changed my home screen to a picture of the prayer journals to remind me to put down my phone and pick up my journal. My sister saw it and thought it would be great to share with y’all as well as a little encouragement to use your journals. During our photo shoot with Catherine Guidry this past summer, we did a series of photos to show all the places you can use your journal because there are so many opportunities to pray throughout our day, even if you feel like you don’t have a solid chunk of time. Whether it’s when you are getting ready for the day, cooking, eating breakfast, bath time (my favorite!), we can transform these times into beautiful moments chatting with the Lord.

Today I’ve got SIX wallpapers to choose from. See the links below. 

So where does your journal travel?? If you share photos on instagram, tag #vmpjournals and #vmpjournaltravels so we can all be encouraged of a few more moments in our day where we can chat with God.


2014-11-10_0002FOUR // FIVE // SIX // SEVEN



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