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Asking Questions


Going beyond just requests

10.12.2017 • 1 Comment

I don’t know about you but my prayers could be punctuated with a lot more question marks? It’s normally filled with lots of periods and even exclamation marks but few question marks.

Even as we sell a product that was originally designed to organize our requests to the Lord, my heart has been to make sure that is not where we end things. First we added a gratitude journal. The following year we added a conversation journal including the ACTS prayer technique to emphasize confession. And last year we added an Adoration’s section to help us meditate on who God is.

And this year, I’ve been adding more questions. Recently I learned just how significant it can be to ask God questions.

What does asking questions do?

1. Puts us in a position to hear God.

We are literally inviting God into the conversation instead of making it a monologue.

2. Makes us aware that when we ask a question, our next role is to wait for the answer.

Socially, if you ask a question, you don’t keep talking. Asking God questions helps train us to do the same, get quiet and wait for a reply.

3. Surrenders our plans to God.

If we are asking for God’s input, we are coming from a place of surrender. There would be no point to ask if we didn’t consider following what is told.

So with that said, I wanted to share three questions, I’ve heard a pastor share to get you started.

  • What’s the next step in developing my character?
  • What’s the next step in my family?
  • What’s the next step in my ministry? Vocation?

I think we can honestly cover a lot of these things in our prayer, but they normally aren’t left open-ended as a question. I normally have a suggestion.

  • Lord please give me more discipline.
  • Lord, we want a baby. Please provide.  
  • Lord please bless this work endeavor.

All these things aren’t bad but if given alone in prayer, they neglect that God may have something better. A question starts with a clean slate.

Maybe in this season, God wants to grow patience in your because maybe it’s not the right time for a baby. And maybe your business isn’t supposed to flourish so that you could follow your true calling.

The first question, in particular, has been life-changing this year as I’ve started to incorporate it into my prayers. I have seen God point out character issues that I never knew needed my attention. It’s easy to be distracted by the physical things of life so that I don’t address my heart like I ought to.

Do you have any questions that you routinely ask God? Leave a comment below!

Here a few I have been thinking about?

  • Who do you want me to serve today?
  • What is my word for 2018?
  • Where should I be using my talents for your kingdom?


Create a routine of walking and asking God questions. Whether it’s around your neighborhood alone or even walking in the parking lot on your way into the grocery store, tie together this idea of walking, asking and listening. I thought about creating a worksheet with the questions but instead, did a wallpaper background for your phone so it’s conveniently available as you walk. Just save this image and use as your background on your phone!

COMING UP NEXT: Still nailing it down! 😉

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Comments (2)

Thanks for the wallpaper Val! I’m enjoying this prayer series and the action step in this post!