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Growing a consistent prayer life

2.24.2020 • 3 Comments

When it comes to prayer, there are two words that I always think of when I want to describe how I show up in my prayer life:


  • I want to pray rooted in my convictions of what I’m praying and not hesitant or doubtful God is actually capable. 
  • I don’t want to be so afraid of whether or not I’m saying the “right” thing because I have an understanding of prayer and the way God designed it.
  • I want to pray with gusto and excitement, not like I end every sentence with a question mark.    
  • I also want a prayer life that doesn’t spike just when trouble hits and takes a back seat when I think I have everything under control. 
  • I want my conversations with the Lord to flow in a sweet rhythm uninterrupted by every bump in my schedule.

Easier said than done right? 

As we’ve created products like our prayer journal to help you spend time with the Lord, we’ve realized that part of what is holding us back in prayer isn’t just having a place to focus our thoughts. We may have just never had a really solid foundation from which we pray. 

We assume we’re supposed to instinctively know how to pray and if we don’t, maybe we’ll never figure it out?

Questions swirl in our minds:

Like why do we pray if God can hear us? And what if He feels distant or doesn’t seem to respond? Are my prayers selfish? Am I saying the wrong thing? I feel like my prayers are so repetitive. How do I actually hear from God? Or learn to pray with others? Or for them? 

All these questions can hold us back from praying confidently and consistently. We say it’s because we’re busy or distracted but if we KNEW and remembered WHO we prayed to, WHAT He was capable of and HOW to pray to Him, I think we’d suddenly find time and space to pray. 

That’s why we created our online course Developing a Fluency of Prayer. We formatted it around the theme of learning a foreign language because truly, it can feel like that when we start. But this is the language of a lifetime and 100% worth becoming fluent in!

We want to give you the tools you need, in a really simple format, to pray confidently and consistently. This isn’t a seminary class on prayer. This isn’t even a history of it. Those things would be great, but our desire is to clear out the obstacles and help you actually pray more. Because it’s in prayer we think you actually learn how to pray. 

To celebrate a year(ish) since the course released, we’re now offering each module as a mini-course. We wanted to break down that final barrier, price, and give you every push to say yes to something that we think could be a major breakthrough in your prayer life. Maybe you’ve got a foundation but struggle with discerning God’s voice. Or maybe you feel confident in hearing God in your life but want to learn how to incorporate Scripture into your prayers or learn how to pray out loud with others. 

Here you’ll find exactly what’s included in each module:


  • 3 teaching videos including: 
    • 4 specific characteristics of God that I believe make all the difference in our prayer lives
    • 6 reasons we should pray
    • Four ways to move past paralysis trying to be perfect in prayer
  • Worksheet on Attributes of God
  • Homework & Discussion


  • 3 teaching videos including: 
    • The who, what, when, where and how of prayer
    • The ACTS model
  • Lord’s Prayer Model Worksheet 
  • ACTS Model Worksheet 
  • Homework & Discussion


  • 3 teaching videos including: 
    • 10 techniques that can offer a robust prayer life
    • 6 reasons we should pray
    • Four ways to move past paralysis trying to be perfect in prayer
  • Worksheet on Attributes of God
  • Homework & Discussion


  • 3 teaching videos including: 
    • 5 reasons we should practice silence and solitude
    • 8 ways to detect what God’s voice sounds like
    • How do we actually listen + 3 questions to ask 
  • Session of solitude worksheet
  • Homework & Discussion


  • 3 teaching videos including: 
    • 2 ways to incorporate Scripture in our prayer life
    • 4 ways to memorize Scripture
    • 4 things to include in your war room
  • Everyday prayers worksheet
  • Homework & Discussion


  • 3 teaching videos including: 
    • 12 thoughts or feelings that keep us from praying
    • 9 things that, even when we pray, can be a barrier
    • 8 tips when you really can’t focus
  • Homework & Discussion


  • 3 teaching videos including: 
    • 5 reasons to pray with other people
    • 7 ways to overcome our fears of praying with others
    • 5 Different ways to pray with others
  • Start a prayer group worksheet
  • Homework & Discussion


  • 2 teaching videos including: 
    • 5 principles of intercessory prayer
    • 5 ways to actually pray for others
  • Homework & Discussion


  • 3 teaching videos including: 
    • 4 reasons we may find ourselves praying for the same thing over and over
    • 9 benefits of becoming fluent in prayer  
    • 4 things to include in your war room
  • Closing reflection worksheet
  • Homework & Discussion

Want to dive in all the way?

We highly recommend getting the bundle! You can grab all 9 modules for $125 (instead of $255 separately) along with our newly printed 76-page workbook for free! Want to go through the course with a small group? Only one purchase of the course is necessary, and additional booklets can be ordered here. And if you got our yearly journal, you can still grab our yearly course bundle by ordering the upgrade here!

If you’re on the fence and want to test out one module and decide you’d like the full course, email and we’ll upgrade you for the price difference! 

Listen, I know these “deal stacks” as they call them in the biz sound like an infomercial but we truly want to get this in your hands. We get asked these questions ALL the time and THIS is where we’ve compiled all our most helpful content to address the internal struggles of praying that our prayer journals can’t. 

Have questions, hit us up!

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Comments (6)

Hi! What a great offer – I would love to purchase one after the other to split costs and make it affordable to me on a monthly basis. Does it make sense to go from 1-9 in order to get the full course in within 9 months or is this not how they are set up when the full course is purchased?

Sifting through spam comments and found this! Not sure if you are still interested but you can definitely just get the ones you need. If you do plan to get all, going in order is best but not essential!

I purchased the prayer course when it first came out. Do I still get the workbook as well? Thank you. Also, so great and amazing that you did this! Thank you.

Hey Yvette! Since this is a brand new offer, it’s not included in past purchases BUT we did add them in the shop to order separately if you would like!

I purchased the 2020 prayer journal without the bundle if I purchase the bundle will I get the workbook also this is my first year and love ut

Yes!! If you order the bundle upgrade you’ll get the workbook! So glad you are enjoying it!