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A moment, a day, a life transformed by prayer.

Asking Questions


Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday is here!!!


First, let me say, I cannot believe this day is finally here! I’ve been excited to share what’s in the pages of Grumpy Mom since I first wrote the outline when Vana was just 7 weeks old.

And I even tried to force the book to come out sooner. Like a whole year sooner. I remember walking under the big oak trees near my house strolling Vana because I had actually gotten the call time wrong with the publisher and she wasn’t napping as I had planned it to work out.

I remember just feeling so much pressure to share this book because so many people were already ready for it and I had self-published my first book, The Finishing School, in 7 months. When they said Spring 2018 wasn’t possible, so it would be Spring 2019, I felt a little deflated. They quickly explained the book process and how 7 months was rare, if not impossible in the traditional publishing world.

Can I just say, I am so glad God’s in charge?!

Around that time (I can’t remember if it was before or after), I read Isaiah 43:19.

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”

I could feel God saying this time this process would look different but it would be really good. It’d stretch me, grow my patience and force me to work with others (quite different from running your own business and making all the decisions).

I’ve learned so much from this process about slowing down, making sure things are doing right and appreciating a pace that used to frustrate me.

And here’s the best part. That day that I couldn’t wait for? It’s today. It’s here!!

Every momma over the last 18 months who’s gotten a snippet of what’s to come and said “I cannot wait for this” or “I need this so bad”, the wait is over! I have continued to say “refreshment is coming” and I’m excited to say:


And not because I have some crazy secret. What you’ll find when you pick up Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday is this: the truth God made me aware of when I knew I couldn’t live motherhood where my negative personality would have taken me.

I really feel like the Lord was so gracious to put a spark of hope in me and let me know early on, it doesn’t have to be that way. For so many mommas with a more naturally joyful bent, the weight of the world’s view of motherhood can seep in so innocently. but once the lies are identified, I think you’ll be shocked at the joy waiting for you!

We have a choice today.

  • To believe what the world says about motherhood and walk it out in despair, commiserating with other moms, dark private moments in our minds and frustration-filled homes.


  • To believe what the Lord says about motherhood and walk it out in joy despite circumstances, hope-inspiring accountability with other moms, quiet moments of gratitude and joy-filled homes.

Let’s unite under the banner of truth instead of the banner of motherhood the world has created, one stitched together with spit-up covered tees, yoga pants or blankets to hide under.

If you’re in, make sure to grab a few fellow mommas. I promise this journey is going to be good and you’re going to want your closest gals to be on board so you can lift each other up instead of being just one more place we have to filter what we hear.



Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday has a peppy sister also releasing today!!

Fresh Start for Moms, a 31-day devotional that will help you make a habit of choosing joy.

Each day includes a devotion, prayer and action step as well as a few questions to answer in the morning AND at night! I created the content and went through it before turning in because I wanted to make sure this was really helpful and y’all, I cannot tell you how impactful it was! I’m hoping you experience the same! This is also a GREAT gift for Mother’s Day!

Can y’all help me keep the momentum going? There’s a momma out there who desperately needs this message and I know I won’t be able to reach her but you can.

Can you tell someone about Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday?

Can you share a graphic? Chat about it with a friend? Text an Amazon link?

And if you’ve read it, can you write a review?

Reviews are like gold for authors! Once Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday gets a certain number, it will start showing up in related products. And obviously, those good honest reviews take away the fear of buying a book that holds empty promises.

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