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A moment, a day, a life transformed by prayer.

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Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday QUIZ


Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday Quiz | Valerie Woerner, book, mama, momma, motherhood, parenting, mom life, kids, children, mops, women's ministry

I’ve got a stack of books unread on my shelf and I bet many of you do too. We put those books in our Amazon cart in hopes that they will change us for the better, right?

I’m sure you’ve seen Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday and think it looks like something that would help you, but you can’t imagine buying another book, with the same empty promises of those unread pages. 

Here’s one reason I wrote the book the way I did. There are 20 different lies that affect us most but I’m a big believer in the 80/20 rule. I bet in your house, there’s just a handful of lies that cause the most of your grumpy moments.  I want you to experience transformation, not when you finish that stack of books, but right now.

We created a quiz to help you identify which section would be most beneficial to start with. So though we obviously hope and know the power that the book has as a whole, we’re all for getting a jump start in the area that sinks you the most so as you go through that stack of books on your shelf, you can do so finding freedom in one of your biggest grumpy mom areas.

Grab a copy of Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday and take our quiz now to see which chapters to read as soon as April 9 rolls around and also get a prayer related to your trigger to start praying now.

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