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How to change your mindset biblically


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This might be some of the most important content I’ve ever shared with you for free. Yep, you read that right.

I’ve talked a lot about prayer over the last 6 years, but nothing like this. Over the past year, I’ve worked on developing a healthy mindset (getting rid of anxiety, stress and negativity) and I’ve been overwhelmed with the information that’s out there.

I saw headlines like:

How to reprogram your thoughts to get what you want
3 Mindset shifts to get out of your own way and hit your goals
How to master your mindset

It can be a minefield of trying to figure out what is actually Biblical with headlines like these. And it can be scary to even navigate this because we don’t want to veer into some weird and ungodly approach.

So, I started looking into Scripture and getting all into research mode. 🤓 I wanted to find the line between where prayer meets science, where what we can humanly control comes together with the work that only God can do.

Can prayer really change our minds and thought patterns? And on top of that, how can it possibly change my thoughts from anxiety, dread and stress to ones of peace, joy and calm?

What I found, I think has the power to shift our mindsets and change our days and I’m so excited to be able to share all this research with you in the format of a free web class.

We’ll discuss:

  • 6 foundations from Scripture about the mind
  • 2 key practices self-help gurus recommend that actually work
  • PLUS the thing we’ll add to secular teaching about the mind to make it complete
  • 13 benefits to prayer (because knowing why leads us to action)

So, grab a notebook and a hot cup of tea and allow yourself to get nerdy with me for a second as we dive into the science of how God transforms our minds.


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