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In the Making // Reid


Happy Friday everyone!! I am in the inspiration process of creating new designs for our wedding collection. I thought I would share with y’all the mood boards I am creating to inspire the designs in a series called in the making. I have never designed a collection this way but so, far, it has been such an inspiring process. In the Creative Habit, they talk about how much limitations can actually aid in the creative process. I remember doing a similar thing in my high school creative writing class where we were given prompts or a few words and we were supposed to create something like that. For chefs, it might be the challenge of a box of unique ingredients like on Iron Chef. For me, that’s pairing together images that create a certain feel and designing based on that. I am creating 20 (hopefully!) inspiration boards and then designing invitations. Some may not make the cut, but I’m excited to share with y’all this process!

Today, I’m sharing the inspiration for the Reid Suite. Full disclosure, I only have one design started so this is literally the start of it for me. I have ideas of what I want this suite to look like but it’s all in my head. Can’t wait to see where it takes me!!

reid inspiration

Credits: Art, Hierarchy, Braid, Table

Wedding planners, brides, vendors, everyone, feel free to share any trends or designs you think should be included in our 2015 collection.

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