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July Boaz Recipient


Effortlessly Taylored imageCan you tell things are a bit crazy here? I am just now announcing our Boaz recipient for July! I’m sure it is no surprise that I am super passionate about entrepreneurship. I have seen how it has transformed my own life and love love love to hear stories of how it changes the lives of people who are living in impoverished countries.

When I came across Hands Producing Hope recently, I knew I wanted to support them! With each journal purchase or purchase from their shop, you not only support two small businesses here in the states, but also 22 entrepreneurs in Costa Rica!

Hands Producing Hope is an ethical fashion brand that is all about empowering disadvantaged women to rise above poverty and providing the tools needed to do so! We sell jewelry and accessories that are hand crafted by the women in our program. We provide consistent work and income, life skills classes, educational scholarships, and discipleship. We have an amazing group of 22 women who we work with in Costa Rica who are part of an indigenous tribe called the Guaymi. These women have faced countless hardships including racial and gender discrimination for their whole lives, and it has been so transformative simply providing an environment where these women have ownership over something and are consistently told of their value and worth. We believe that there is power to transform an entire community when the women are treated quality, know their inherent value and are able to provide an environment of safety, love, health and education for their children!

Order journals this month here and support Hands Producing Hope this month!
Check out Hands Producing Hope (and shop for yourself and friends!) here.

Photo by Effortlessly Taylored.

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