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Leaving insta update

3.2.2021 • 7 Comments

It’s been a month since I announced leaving Instagram and I wanted to give a little update! I know I’ve been so curious to hear what life is like after a departure like that. It sounds so dramatic, but life really is different and today I wanted to share how.

Leaving insta update by Valerie Woerner, ministry, prayer, refresh, social media, social media boundaries,


I want to start here because I’m surprised how great it feels. I felt really confident going into this but didn’t know if I’d feel FOMO so bad that I’d regret the decision. The truth is, I KNOW I’m missing out, but I don’t FEAR it. I feel so content with what I’m receiving in return that there’s no fear. I talked to all three gals I mentioned in my original post as I left and they all pretty much said “you’re gonna love it!” and I do! The thought of going back actually makes me feel a weight and heaviness I didn’t realize I carried before.


This may sound vague but I didn’t realize how many expectations Instagram seemed to put on me. Much of this was my own doing, but now stepping back, I find it easier to resist it. Just a few examples: I don’t feel expected to address things. This has never been a BIG issue for me because I stay away from current events, but many authors/influencers/biz owners feel the need to address every natural disaster, leader misstep or tragedy that happens. What does so-and-so think about this? Why aren’t they addressing it? I can just have these convos in the privacy of my home instead and not overanalyze what to say. And even though I don’t do sponsored posts, I do like to share things I love and even sharing things people send that I genuinely love can create this expectation that keeps me in the app. It’s been nice to not have to share everything right away and instead add to the list of what I want to share in our monthly peptalk.


I honestly have no idea what other people are sharing and part of me has thought, what if I do something someone just talked about without even knowing? But a bigger part of me is exploding with ideas and content that I know are from my own spiritual journey and the long-form content I’m reading. I have so many ideas y’all. We planned our blog calendar for the next 4 months and I’m so excited for what’s to come! Sign up here to get notifications when new blog posts go live (separate from our monthly peptalk).


My time has been spent researching future content, studying Scripture slowly, and brainstorming more than ever before. We know the writer’s life isn’t tucked away in a cabin, but I am so grateful to get moments that feel just a little bit like it is!


I honestly do miss being able to keep up with people so easily but that void has pushed me to text people to check in on them in a personal way and make more time for seeing people face-to-face. It’s amazing how more shallow interactions kept me “full” to where I didn’t really need one-on-one communication but now that I’m lacking that, I feel “hungrier” and want something real.


Should I hop on? Do I have time to check DMs? Should I share a video on this? It’s just all gone. I don’t want to oversimplify it, but I think that’s why it was so important to me to announce my departure. It was a final decision and once I deleted it, I don’t even have the habit of going to open Instagram when I unlock my phone which truly shocked me.


I am still taking some photos for myself but I’m amazed how many times I’d pull out my phone to take a photo not for myself but because of the “content” aspect. Here’s one of the only pics I took this month of me and Vana’s “adventure”. 


For the first time since having kids, I’m writing out prayers nearly every day. As much as I had been using my prompted prayers section of my journal or just praying in my mind on a pretty consistent basis, I would write maybe 1-3 prayers a week. That wasn’t bad at all, but I’m LOVING having time to write prayers more often. (If you want to write daily prayers grab our Signature Prayer Journal which features monthly prompts too.) I used to feel like I needed to wrap up my quiet time in the morning so I could post on social before the girls got up, and not having to cut my time with the Lord short has been so nice! 

Everything hasn’t been perfect.

  • I’ve had to hop on Instagram through my desktop for work things which I’m ok with because it feels more like an app I use for actual work than how it had become–something I convince myself is for work, but mindless check with no real purpose.
  • I’m not totally free from the news spiral. I still check news sites more than I want to (thinking of doing a little a 7-day fast from news just to curb the habit) BUT it’s been much less rambly through my day where it just feels like constant noise and is more concentrated to once a day. 

Leaving insta update by Valerie Woerner, ministry, prayer, refresh, social media, social media boundaries,Have any questions about something I didn’t cover? Leave them below! 

Also, so many of you have shared that my post was a catalyst as you contemplated leaving social media. To each one of you that messaged me that, I’ve been praying for God to guide you so clearly as you make that decision. 

I love what Caroline O shared with me.

“Wow! I left Instagram this past December & the amount of ground I have won back in my own mind & home is mind-blowing. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one (FOMO, anyone?! ).”

The amount of ground I have won back in my own mind and home. I love that! It feels so crazy that ditching one little app (whether it’s IG like it is for me or Twitter or FB) can help us take back ground that has just slipped away so easily as it wins our attention. 

Jessie decided to leave Instagram too and I love how she put everything into words in this blog post. If you need more motivation, check it out here!

Someone recommended this documentary to me. Has anyone seen it? 

If you’re on the fence about the role social media needs to play in your life and need some prayers, drop your name below and I’ll be praying for you!!

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Comments (14)

Thank you so much for Sharing Val! ❤️ I feel so much of what you said. I can’t believe I’ve finally (successfully) gotten off both Facebook and Instagram. It’s been something that has always been such a struggle for me. But I feel so much PEACE this time. I can’t even put it into words.

Yes! 100% agree! I’m amazed how the tug to it has totally lost it’s grip on me. Hard to make the move but really grateful I did it too!

I took the month of January off social media and it was LIFE GIVING. It was the calmest, most peaceful month I’ve had in a LONG time. It sounds silly, but it felt like I had closed a curtain and could finally live my life in privacy. I didn’t even share that much, but I felt exposed just being on there. I’ve gotten sucked back in a bit, so I’m praying about how to moderate my time there or if I just need to pull the plug completely.

Michelle! I totally get that! My life feels a bit “smaller” but in a really great way. Praying for you for discernment on what that looks like!

I was thinking of you this morning and wondering how it’s going!! Was so excited to read this! I was and am so proud of you for doing this and announcing it the way you did! I am not in my “leaving” season yet but know there will be a time. I have lately shifted the content I follow to more FUN and inspiring: AKA gardening content GALORE. It has been nice to have more flowers and less people talking at me constantly….. more peace, less chaos… I look forward to reading your blog and longer form content FTW!

Thankful for your business. I hope you all have a beautiful spring season w/ your fam + little girlies!

Aww Rebecca!! How are you?? Thanks for thinking of me and I love that idea of shifting the content. I would exactly describe gardens showing up in my feed as fun and inspiring. So smart! And thank you! We’re so looking forward to spring. Lots of bike rides and pool days ahead!

I too want to take a step back from social media completely. I deleted Facebook a few years ago but Instagram is still there pulling at me. Some days are better than others but I find myself searching for home decor, books, and what other Christians are reading/doing. I would love it if you could pray that I find a better way to utilize that time to explore my own ideas about decor and Bible study. Thank you for being so transparent and sharing your journey. Prayers, Charlotte

Nicole, I love everything you shared. I so felt the same things. Praying for God to lay out the next step of his plan so clearly to you as you seek Him!!

Aww yes! I’m on it Charlotte. This has taught me so much so I’m excited to pray specifically for this and intercede for ya ! What an honor!

I had been contemplating leaving IG for awhile too, and after reading your blog post, it pushed me to make the final decision and announce it on the app. It’s been hard losing the instant communication with everyone, but this feeling of freedom is unbeatable. I just reopened my online shop yesterday, for the first time without IG, and i haven’t sold anything yet, which I was honestly expecting, but if i had spent weeks prepping my audience on IG for the launch and still didn’t sell anything, i would have felt even worse. I’m confident that giving up IG is what God wanted for me, and I know if He still wants me selling shirts, He will help me get in front of the right people. Using IG really made the whole process about me, and MY likes, and MY designs, and pushing to try to get IG famous for ME, but now, not being on it anymore, is turning my focus back on God. Where it always should have been. I’m glad I can still read your posts here, and I’m currently trying to figure out how to make my business work with just email and Pinterest, but blogging keeps popping up into my mind now, so I need to chill and pray about that decision.

Love that you had the courage to leave! I am also thinking a lot about it. As a writer, it feels like it’s not allowed. But I don’t want it in my daily life anymore. It eats up so much precious time!

I know! It’s so tough! It’s been super helpful to have a team member who runs the VMP side so we still have SOME presence BUT we’re brainstorming lots of ideas that we can connect with people without insta. If I come up with ideas, I’ll be sure to share! Praying for wisdom and a unique solution if God’s prompting you to step back (or just more discipline with the platform than I had! )!!

I deleted the IG and FB apps from my phone. Now I need to leave the news alone. It has been a work in progress. I still jump on FB on my computer a little, I have a business FB page. But I’m getting weened off of IG. Unfortunately, it’s the only place to see the beautiful photographs my 15 year nephew takes. I guess I could unfollow a lot of the IG accounts I have and just follow him 🙂 Thank you for your inspiration. It is very freeing and I’m getting better things accomplished in my life. 🙂

Lou Ann! I added something called stay focused to my desktop and you can set time limits (and you can’t ignore them like you can on IG ). But it’s helpful because I can still look at SOME news without going overboard. Basically you’d set up the time for all the sites you want to limit so you don’t have to miss nephew pics!!!