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March Cause // Skip 1


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Today I wanted to share with y’all the recipient of our Boaz Fund for our first month: Skip 1.

photoI thought it was only fitting to start with Skip 1 because the founder, Shelene Bryan is the author of the book Love, Skip, Jump, which has inspired me so much as I tried to figure out how exactly to start giving more through Val Marie Paper.

$.50 for every journal sold will go directly to Skip 1 at the end of the month. If you were one of those that order one of the 60 journals in the last two days, you are already a part of this story!!

Why Skip 1?

1. If you have read Shelene’s book, Love, Skip, Jump you know she operates from a place of yes. She has her eyes and heart open to the opportunities before her, and because of that, she is getting to be apart of some amazing God stories.

2. She is human, just like me and you. In her book, she shares her heart, where she was BEFORE she said yes to God and I could identify with her so much! All the more inspiration for what God can do when I say yes to his plan!

3. You can pick a project to support from those listed on their site and 100% of our donation will go the project!!

I am excited for us to be a small part of this effort this month!


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