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A moment, a day, a life transformed by prayer.

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Start A Miracle FileStart one.

What is a miracles file? It’s a place where I write down miracles that have happened with my business. Things that needed to happen that God showed up for in a big way.

Being a business owner takes a lot of trust: 1. Trust that you did the right thing going out on your own. 2. Trust that you should stick with it when things aren’t perfect. 3. Trust when you make a big decision that will change the direction of your business. 4.  Trust that each month your get the right clients.

It can be scary. It’s easy to get discouraged,  but having this little folder to remind me on those days when God worked is so encouraging. I should reflect back on it a whole lot more than I do because it always gets me excited for what God has next for me.

Sometimes the greatest hope for the future can be found in being reminded of how God has already worked. He is so much bigger that we can imagine, yet we can forget this a lot. He’s pretty creative too! Those big dreams you have? Put them in His hands. He may even have something bigger for you!

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