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Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Even though it wasn’t planned for Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday to release right before Mother’s Day, it just kinda makes sense, doesn’t it? We’re excited to feature both new motherhood books this season, but we also want to draw your attention to some of our favorites from the VMP shop. Whatever you choose, you just can’t go wrong with these items for a momma (or grandma!) that hit the big three: practical, meaningful, and beautiful!


We call this one the peppy sister of Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday! Even though it was released as a companion journal, this 31-day devotional journal stands on its own two feet. 

Amanda L. says, “This is not just an add-on money-making product. This is a valuable tool for moms… Valerie truly packs a major punch in about two pages!” With daily devotions, morning and evening reflections, journaling space for prayers and action steps, this kinda refreshment is gonna last a whooooole lot longer than a trip to the spa. 😉


WARNING: Husbands, do not purchase this for your wives for Mother’s Day. I repeat, abort mission!! Haha. When it comes to Mother’s Day, this is a gift best given to self. And the results may just be a sweet surprise in time for Father’s Day. 🙂

This book exposes twenty of the most prominent misconceptions of motherhood in today’s culture (Lies like, “Moms are ticking time bombs of emotions.” or “Coffee and wine are required to get me through the day.”) and sends them running by confronting them with biblical truth. Get ready to dive into a more refreshing motherhood–one where even the hardest moments of the day are filled with peace and joy!

Pregnancy or Adoption Prayer Journals

For the expecting momma, these journals become a place to pour out worries and dreams to the Lord as well as piece together the incredible moments that happen along the way.

Compose Prayer Journal

The gift for every momma, daughter or wife. With the best combination of structure and white space, our original journal is the perfect tool for the aspiring prayer warrior. We even have some limited edition colors for Spring!

Prayer Memoirs

Although this journal is for anyone wanting to leave a legacy of prayer, we especially love suggesting it as a gift for grandmothers! In the first section, they’re prompted to record stories of how God has worked in their life. The second section is for them to record the words that their currently hearing from the Lord.

Pregnancy Journal

Adoption Journal

Compose Journal

Prayer Memoirs

Our heart for mommas through these products is that they’re reminded they’re not alone–that they can have peace and joy in the midst of each and every day, whether they’re feasting on breakfast in bed or wiping noses and rushing between baseball games. That kind of gift just can’t be beat!

As always, remember to use our bulk codes when buying gifts in the VMP shop. A journal for a mom, sister and friend end up being 20% off with the code 3ORMORE.

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