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My prayers for launching a book

4.4.2019 • 2 Comments

Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday releases April 9. Pre-order + grab your bonuses before time runs out! 🙂

It’s only fitting for the prayer journal girl to share with you her big prayers for a book launch right? Here’s what I’ve been lifting up over the last 18 months or so:

1. I pray the Lord would make me a vessel and empty me of my own words. I pray this before each podcast interview I’ve had the privilege of recording.

2. I pray for God to surprise me and work outside of my box. We always have our own little vision of what would be considered amazing or successful, but I just want to release my grip on what God could do knowing He is all-knowing, cares about me and has the best possible plan.

3. For our sweet launch team members! These gals rallied behind me. I wanted to pray first for their transformation instead of just expecting them to serve me to spread this message.

4. Endorsements. I prayed the Lord would direct us to the right people that would put their stamp of approval on this book. That is no small thing and I take it seriously and am so grateful for how the Lord provided.

My prayers for launching a new book by Valerie Woerner | Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday, Val Marie Paper, motherhood, parenting, summer reads, author, writing tips, prayer

5. A protected heart that is not dependant on the praise of man or rattled by its disapproval. Because Amazon reviews are a real thing.

6. I prayed for sales! Because God cares about that too and if I think it’s too small for Him to be concerned with, I discredit Him.  

7. Moreso, impact. I wanted to make sure that though we, of course, want sales, we really just want as many moms to come into contact with this as possible and be truly changed by it! To think that something I wrote could bring a mom more joy, less hiding out in the bathroom, sweeter moments with her kids that she thought were unsalvageable? That would be amazing!

8. To launch this book in a healthy way and not sacrifice my sanity for more sales. Ironically, ‘healthy’ came, but with 4 different cases of strep. Less burnout and more joy. Less chaos and frustration and more still moments.

9. For God to get the glory. I fear that putting a book out there will become about me. That people will read something and think I’m better than I actually am. I hope and pray that when you read Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday, you don’t think more about me but that you think more about God. I hope that you don’t think I have things figured out but that you are instead thinking, “Wow! God has blessed my motherhood way more than I could have ever known. I want to live it out his way.”

We know the enemy is real and he doesn’t want to see a bunch of moms living with more joy and filling up in the truth of the Scripture. We’ve already felt him working overtime, but I know my God is bigger.

Will you join us in praying these final days before the book releases?

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Comments (4)

I love these prayer prompts! I’m launching my first book in September and these resonate with my spirit deeply. Thank you! May God continue to bless evety step along your journey.

I’m so excited to get my copy of the book once it releases!! Thank you for sharing your heart, and how us mama’s can join in prayer for you and ourselves and those who don’t even know they need the message of this book yet!