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Our Spring at the Silos Experience

3.26.2018 • 111 Comments

I don’t think we had any idea exactly what awaited us at Spring at the Silos! We had each put our whole hearts into designing new products, creating our booth, and simply getting to Waco! And yes, we prayed. We prayed over our booth, and the people we would come in contact with, and even just for the physical strength our bodies would need to make it through the weekend. We were expectant that God was going to do something great, but y’all, there was just not any way of knowing exactly what He had in mind. Each of our team returned home with grateful hearts–grateful for the opportunity to show up and then take a step back and watch Him work.

One of our favorite parts about our booth ended up being the prayer wall, an idea that was actually inspired by our friends at the Silos Baking Co.! If you followed along on Val’s Insta stories, you got to hear a few of the powerful moments that took place in front of this very wall. (If not, you can go listen to her highlights right now!) This wall gave us the opportunity to minister and be ministered to. We talked to those who had lost loved ones, those trying to conceive and those who were adopting or had just gotten engaged. Prayers were prayed and tears of both grief and joy were shed. It was an honor to be allowed enter each of these unforgettable stories.

Reading over this, it kind of sounds like we might have been at a church conference. And although there’s no doubt that we definitely had “church”, we were just right there on the street in front of Magnolia Market. It raised the question in my mind, if God can work so powerfully in the midst of home goods and cupcakes, what else will he do if we just allow him the space?

I don’t think there’s any doubt that what happened in our booth at Spring at the Silos could also only have happened due to the open hearts of our hosts. I hope I’m not over-spiritualizing things, but I believe the beauty of Magnolia Market points straight to the Creator. Each employee that we came in contact with was gracious beyond the call of duty and many vocalized that they were excited about what they saw happening in our booth!

Finally, what happened at Spring at the Silos couldn’t have happened without each of you! You who have been loyal VMP fans from the beginning, and those new friends who were so willing to spend a few moments at our booth letting a tall blonde girl stumble over trying to explain to you how much these journals have changed her life. 😉 To all of you, thank you so much for supporting us! And although we had the time of our lives getting to meet so many sweet friends IRL (In Real Life), we do wish we could have met every single one of y’all!

So we’ll just have to settle for the next best thing–a Spring at the Silos giveaway to one of our readers! It includes a few of our featured products–a “Closed Eyes” T-Shirt, “Closed Eyes” bag (these sold out at the Silos!),  Covered in Prayer notecards (the ones we used on the prayer wall!), a Compose Prayer Journal (6-month) and our Prayer Memoirs!

We were expectant that God was going to do something great at Spring at the Silos, but y’all, there was just not any way of knowing exactly what He had in mind.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! To enter, simply (1) sign up for our monthly peptalk below and then (2) comment here to let us know you did! (Already get the monthly peptalk? Yay! Just comment below!) We’ll be selecting a winner on Wednesday (3/28/18) at 12PM CST. Winner must live in the USA for shipping purposes.

To hear more about our trip to the Silos, check out Val’s FB Live video where she shares the 7 things that surprised her most about our time at Magnolia Market.

-Kara Bryant, Social Manager for VMP

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Comments (133)

Just signed up for your Pep Talk! I came across your blog when searching for ideas for our Youth Room at church and make it more interactive and fun to hang out in! Ahhhh, I’m overwhelmed with how creative and amazing and all of the many talents God has given to you, Magnolia, and so many others! I love that feeling! I’ll definitely be checking out more on your site! P.S. I live in the USA! 🙂

I love this idea for a prayer wall! What was typed on the blank cards? We are incorporating a prayer wall at our worship night and I love the idea of leaving a card and taking a card.

Love this! It was great to see Val & team at one of my dream places. Love the community aspect of everything about VMP!

Signed up for the monthly peptalk! (Although I think I may be already getting it…haha!) I love everything VMP stands for, can’t wait to hear more from y’all!

I am loving the six month journal. I wish I could buy your materials for every person I know. Stellar job!

Love this! Excited for what’s coming up for y’all!!! Entered the drawing too! 😀 Sending love and prayers from Colorado Springs.

I’m signed up for your pep talk emails! Love your products, they are helping me be more intentional about my prayers this year. Praise The Lord!

Would have so loved to visit with you at the Silos! Your booth looked great, and it sounds like you achieved the peaceful and prayer filled environment you were aiming for!

Already signed up! So thankful for how this community and these products have altered my prayer life!

Love your products and lovely spirit! Your content has been so helpful in getting me back into regular prayer – so grateful!

I was so sad that I didn’t get to visit y’all at Spring at the Silos!! Loved getting to follow along on Insta!

Already subscribed to the monthly peptalk! ❤️

Your booth looked amazing! Loved hearing about all of the amazing things God did through this event!

Yes! I’m already signed up for the monthly pep talk. I so enjoyed following along with you at Spring at the Silos.

Just signed up! I’ve enjoyed following you on Insta, loved seeing you at the silos and can’t wait for the book you’re writing!

Love the journals I bought at the Magnolia Silos event. I use mine everyday and have given away others.

Loved watching on Instagram all the things God did while you were in Waco. Also love the yearly journal!!

So excited for your monthly pep talks! And this statement: “if God can work so powerfully in the midst of home goods and cupcakes, what else will he do if we just allow him the space?” WOW! Thank you thank you thank you for typing those words!!

Oh, this is so encouraging to read. I love the question that came to your mind! YES. To think of all that God can do in & through us for His glory and our good is an overwhelming thought.

I love the products you create, but even more than that, I LOVE seeing the heart behind the products. Following Val and VMP brings so much joy to my life in being able to be a witness to the goodness of God’s grace y’all pour out into the world ♥️

Love your blog!!! You inspire me to always dig deeper! Thank you for sharing you love for God with the world!

Signed up…..fingers crossed hoping to win some goodies!

I’m so happy to hear you reached so many hearts. My prayer life has changed so drastically since I bought my first VMP journal last October and started following your posts/blogs.

It was definitely both of those things, Sarah. Right in the midst of all the craziness! Praising Him!

Sounds like an amazing time!!! I’d love to go some day! I signed up for the pep talk 😉

Y’all are some of my favorite people! Thanks for all that you do to encourage and push our relationship with the Lord. Through you and your products the Lord has done so many things in me and my family’s life! ❤️

I am already getting them as well! Love the encouragement in my inbox! My daughter is getting a kids prayer journal on her Easter basket so she can join me in my prayer time.

Oh, we LOVE hearing things like this, Heather! Hope y’all have a sweet time filling out your journals together. 🙂

God is so good to allow us a glimpse into what He is doing. Thanks, VMP, for letting us to join in through prayer and the Internet. (I’m already getting the monthly pep talk and love them!)

What a beautiful experience! I’m already signed up for the monthly pep talk. Thank you so much for sharing and for using God’s gift to encourage and lift up others!

Your booth looked beautiful! Wish I could have been there to meet y’all and experience the event!

Loved meeting you at the Silos and so enjoy seeing our “Pray for Bella Faith” on the wall! God has used your journals in a mighty way in my life since the Silos. You are a true blessing!

Already signed up for the monthly pep talk and loving my first VMP yearly journal this year. The content you all post is always so encouraging.

Just signed up! I found you guys through Magnolia’s Instagram feed during Spring at the Silos and boy did I get even more than what I expected. I thought I’d just find some nice products that both I and my friends and family would really enjoy but I found this amazing community and company that cares so much about people. I am excited to see what is in store with your monthly pep talks ❤️

Oh, so glad you found us, Joni!! We are so glad you’re a part of the community. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

I signed up for your monthly “pep talk”. Thankful God allowed me to find you. My goal for this year is faithful and intentional prayer time! We will be great together!

Very cool. Congrats! Would love some goodies, who wouldn’t? Am so grateful for your products and how they’ve encouraged me to focus on prayer more.

I subscribe and look forward to the monthly pep talks! Thank you for how you’ve impacted so many lives for the Lord!

Excited to now be signed up! I was so encouraged by your insta stories, well, always, but especially at Spring at the Silos!

Yay!!! I signed up!! Hoping I win. I saw y’all at Waco and you were sold out of the journal I wanted. You guys are amazing

Yay! It was such a privilege to be apart of this amazing weekend and be prayed over. God is continuing to show me the power of prayer and with others. Thank you for being so willing to serve in this way!! I was so washed with love when the bad news came I handled it with grace, I can still praise Him in this time and live life.

Love LOVE everything that VMP is doing. Val, you are such an inspiration to me and I am praying and praying for the Lord’s direction in all of the ways I want to go. So excited for this giveaway.

Just signed up (dont know how I wasn’t already signed up haha).. Thanks for the crucial and important work you guys do! You continually point me to Jesus in one of the busiest times of my life when it’s so easy to forget what’s most important.

I already get all your wonderful words filling my inbox, but excited for these productive, responsive products! It was so neat seeing all the incredible ways that Spring at the Silos impacted both those who graced your booths and y’all sharing the vulnerable ways it touched you.

Sarah! You are our winner!! Yay! I’m about to send you an email, but if you don’t get anything in the next 20 min or so, email me at! -Kara

What an exciting and amazing time! I can’t wait to see what God does with this opportunity for VMP!
I already receive the pep talk and love it!

I find new things off and on and am curious but it never goes anywhere. Y’all have made a place in my life and there you will remain. Thank you! Oh, and I did leave my email address.

Lesley, this is an incredible testimony!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Praising Him!

Can NOT TELL YOU how much my prayer journal has radically changed my prayer life. I have been able to see God’s hand in so many different aspects of my life just because of this tool and my desire to speak with God continuously! Thank you for following through with the spiritual gift that God has blessed you with!! It is truly life changing

So so glad you guys had such a great experience! It was so fun to watch you guys love people on insta and watch God use you!

I loved watching along your insta stories and seeing God Work through VMP! I found you through thr powersheets and love USING my prayer journals! Amazing tool for an amazing prayer life!

Ps- I’m a subscriber and can’t ever see me unsubscribing. Ever!


So happy this event so well! I wish I lived closer so I could have come. Maybe the next one will be in Southern California (signed up for the newsletter! )

I love all things VMP and am a religious follower who is already signed up for the monthly pep talks. I talk about my yearly prayer journal to family/friends and can’t say enough good things about it. ❤️

You guys are such an inspiration! No exaggeration…my prayer life has been completely transformed which in turn is transforming every relationship and aspect of my life! Giveaways are great…but I really want to just thank you more than anything for your ministry! Because that’s what it is! It’s so much more than journals and paper products! It’s a vehicle for God to move mountains in people’s lives! Thank for what you do!!

Already signed up! I’m so thankful for the business and ministry that you guys have. It has been a blessing to my heart! Thanks for all you do!

I’m a religious follower of all things VMP and am already signed up for your monthly pep talks! I talk about your yearly prayer journals all the time to family/friends and I love it ❤️

Signed up! I started using your monthly template at the beginning of this year and love it! What a great way to keep track of my prayer requests and God’s answers. Thank you!!

I was praying for you ladies & loved seeing what was happening & hearing all these updates after. Love how you let the Lord shine thru you all & th booth.

I just found out about you and your product and can I just say I am so.dang.excited! I hope to order the yearly journal next year and am excited to use your other products too!

Sounds like a blessed and fruitful time at the Silos! Refreshed and encouraged! Thanks Val for making my day!

Hooray! Already signed up for the monthly peptalk and love it, along with the content and products you all put out! Thanks for the encouragement and ideas in seeking the Lord! 🙂

Love love love all things vmp!! Loved your instastories at spring in the silos thanksfir sharing your heart!!