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A New Series :: Risk & Rest

1.22.2013 • 4 Comments

A few weeks ago, our pastor at my church preached a sermon called To Risk and Rest. I could not stop thinking about it afterward. It was about the story in the New Testament where Jesus walks on water. I am always seeking a peaceful, calm life. This sermon was a reminder that we are made for both risk and rest. And as my pastor put it, we are made for both the adventure of the waves that Peter experienced stepping out and for the safety of the boat that the other disciples experienced staying in. We are made for heroic deeds and quiet daily faithfulness. This got me thinking about my daily goals and how much I try to keep the adventure and risk out but at the same time prefer the heroic deeds to daily faithfulness. It takes both. I want to live a life of Risk and Rest. 

I have created a set of worksheets that I hope will challenge you to live this out. They include some basic things but with a twist. To be perfectly honest, they are made just as much for me, if not more because I truly wanted to create something that would help me be more intentional. I like comfortable things and chaos drives me crazy. My husband and I were talking about this the other day. He like the adventure of trying new things. I like plain pepperoni pizza because it’s familiar and comforting and reminds me of Friday nights growing up. I want God to shake up my life though. I want the adventure, too. You may be on the other end constantly risking it all and in need of a little rest.  

I have the first four worksheets as part of my big new year’s newsletter (only a little late right? ; )

This will be a regular series. I already have 4 more to share in future blog posts and ideas for more. Let me know if y’all have ideas for more as well! And because everything is intentional, the design element of the bokeh background was chosen because it reminds me of how light can be both calming and comfortable and exciting and risky! Like soft candlelight and stage spotlights (terrifying for me!). 

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Comments (8)

Super excited about this. I love the analogy and description and I agree with your statements. Excited to see where this leads us all.

I know! I don’t know why I had never seen that before. I’m so busy trying not to rock the boat. ; )

I love this idea! I too like to play it safe most of the time and keep things in order. I don’t like not getting through my to-do list, not having time to pick up the house or even just getting off my schedule, but then sometimes I feel the need for an adventure. It’s good to know that we need both in our life to achieve a true balance.