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On the Podcast: Advent Prayers


We have the best of intentions when the season starts that this will be the year we truly soak up what this season means and mark my words, THIS IS THE SEASON.

Even in a vibrant and full season, what if you had the chance to pause for two minutes and recenter your focus on what’s to come on Christmas Day? What if this was the year December didn’t fly? Or what if this was the Christmas Eve service you didn’t plop down and feel like you were saying “Oh hey Jesus! Where have you been?” Just me?? Check out this week’s episode for one way we’re trying to help you make this happen!

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Ep. 37: 12 days of advent prayers

In this episode, you’ll find 12 prayers for the days leading up to Christmas. Simply pause between each prayer and come back the next day to continue. I recommend setting a reminder on your phone for the same time each day so that you don’t forget!



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