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On the Podcast: Anxiety


In today’s world, we’ve probably all dealt with anxiety in some form or fashion. It’s no secret that with recent events, statistics have gone up. In this series, we’re combatting feat with faith as we chat with a friend of Val who’s fought cancer, and we’re also pressing play on anti-anxiety scripture being read over us.

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Ep. 70: Anxiety with Heidi Lee Anderson

Heidi Lee Anderson is a writer, speaker, and stay-at-home mom. After being diagnosed with cancer, Heidi’s fuel is now to make sure that Christ-followers realize, know, and claim the sure promises God offers—in the mundane, amid the heartache, and on top of the highest mountains. She is the author of P.S. It’s Gonna Be Good coming out April 4, 2023.

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Ep. 69: How to Make Prayer a Lifestyle

If prayer is talking to God and listening to God, then what happens during that time could change the trajectory of every decision we make throughout the day, every conversation we have, whether we stop and serve a friend or stranger in need, what thoughts take root in our mind, the attitudes we carry and so much more.

We make roughly 35,000 decisions a day.

Can you imagine if even a fraction of those were decided out of prayer?

In today’s episode, I’ll give you some practical examples of how I pray, talk about how we can make prayer a reality in our day-to-day and share some resources that can help you make it happen.

Things mentioned in today’s episode:


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